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Vaccine hesitancy illustrates the power of “marketing”

By Marc Gordon The world knows (or believes they know) that AstraZeneca’s vaccine causes blood clots. After all, media around the world is reporting it. Despite the medical community pointing out that the chances of a woman getting a blood clot from the AstraZeneca vaccine could be as low as 1 in a million – far less for men – ... Read More »

Brute Force Automated Marketing is

becoming annoying! We are NOT robots. We are people. Some digital marketing “experts” believe that you should just keep on bombarding people with your sales message and request a call-to-action, until the target complies. Maybe inject some personalization to make it look a bit friendlier. Maybe you should simply stop and ask yourself if that is how you want to be ... Read More »

Are you ready for F2F channel events?

The desire to reopen is very strong, but when I speak to channel partners and vendors, they seem to be more cautious. One MSP summed it up nicely “I can’t wait to get out of the house and hang out with my peers, but I also don’t want to bring back the virus home to infect my family or colleagues ... Read More »

Why a Republican boycott could be a winner for Coke

By Marc Gordon Coca Cola has publicly criticized a Georgia bill that, among other things, reduces the window for voters to request mail ballots, tightens voter ID requirements, and bans handing out food and water within 150 feet of a polling station. Many politicians and social organizations view these laws as an effort to suppress voters in predominantly Black communities ... Read More »

How will the channel thrive in a digital-first economy

We would all agree that how we think and act has significantly changed because of the pandemic. Humans were simply not meant to be isolated for long periods. Unless you are somehow immune or oblivious to the situation, you are probably feeling some profound effects. So now what?  Keeping that chat on the channel, Jay and I discussed the ways ... Read More »

The Rise of Virtual Events

Marketing is never about what you want. It is all about what your target customer wants. However, in this pandemic, it has less to do with what the channel partners want and more about what their end-customers need. Besides the typical social networking and digital marketing, everyone has witnessed the explosion of virtual events. We have been monitoring loads of ... Read More »

The Biggest 2021 Channel Predictions Are…

Back in March 2020, it felt like we all woke up in a “Twilight Zone. A mad virus was revenging the planet and our lives. What we previously took for granted, no longer existed. People emptied grocery stores. People everywhere had to endure severe hardships and incredible tragedies. Hope dimmed. Fear and despair amplified. We became desperate for the simple ... Read More »

Diversity in Tech is More Than a Number

Everyone loves to benchmark everything. The general consensus is that females make up about 20% of the tech industry’s workforce. So, if your company is running below 20%, then you need to catch up. Think of the 20% benchmark as the current “WiT Comfort Zone”. To get out of this comfort zone and improve the diversity numbers, you will need ... Read More »

Top Business Authors Release New Book “Real Results in a Virtual Economy – How to Future-Proof Your Business”

“Real Results in a Virtual Economy – How to Future-Proof Your Business” was launched globally on January 7th 2021. The book is authored by Dr. Denis Cauvier and Shane Gibson who have collectively written 19 books on the topics of leadership, talent management, marketing and digital selling. Dr. Denis Cauvier and Shane Gibson Authors – “Real Results in a Virtual ... Read More »

Who Are Cyber Spies?

Every day we refer to those who commit cyber attacks as “hackers”. The image does not project an image of a a terrible criminal. In many ways “hacker” sounds like a cool title! Movies also made hackers super cool! We also call them “black hats” and we call the hackers who work for the good guys as “white hats”. Actually, ... Read More »