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Asset Tracking and Lifecycle Management Drives Revenues

We all know about basic IT asset tracking and management tools. You can even get some basic applications for free. Some software companies provide applications to track and manage their brand of software. Some software license management providers allows you to manage multiple brands of software applications for license renewals and user compliance. These tools are all work, but VARs need to be concerned with who has  accessibility and ownership of their clients and data.

“Bring your customer to me and I will help you mange their assets” may not be a wise solution for most VARs or MSPs.

Once you do find the right tool, the next challenge is to figure out how to make money from tracking and managing their all of their clients’ IT assets? A good solution will help you to easily identify all of your clients’ assets and continually push renewal as well as out-of-compliance notifications. The tool should also provide pricing, process the sale and update the asset as efficiently as possible.

Finding out all of the IT assets of your clients is not too difficult of a task. Some software applications can quickly identify both hardware and software assets through network “sniffing” tools. The key is to find a system that will easily manage the assets.

We are evaluating several asset related tools, but one seems to be closest to what VARs need. It is called iAsset and it was developed in Australia. This tool is interesting for several reasons.

It allows VARs to track their customer IT assets (both hardware and software) from one dashboard. You get to see the assets in a geo-mapping graphical environment for easy monitoring. Assets shows up colour coded so red identifies assets that are out of compliance; orange means soon to be out of compliance, and green means in compliance. A quick click on the asset provides user complete details.

The system also allows VAR to do campaigns to their clients to upgrade assets and maintain compliance. Data-mining tools helps to identify renewal and upgrade opportunities.  The system can also connect vendors and distributors to manage upgrades. There are some significant smarts built into this solution.

Contact us so we can put you in touch with an asset expert to explore if this is the right tool for you.


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