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Are you ready for F2F channel events?

The desire to reopen is very strong, but when I speak to channel partners and vendors, they seem to be more cautious.

One MSP summed it up nicelyI can’t wait to get out of the house and hang out with my peers, but I also don’t want to bring back the virus home to infect my family or colleagues at the office. We are only now figuring out how to get back into the office and meet clients safely. I can tell you that most of my clients just do not want to meet now.

Many are talking about when in-person events will be returning during this pandemic twilight zone. It’s an interesting topic that I discuss often with many leaders in the industry.

It’s most likely that none or very limited in-person events will be happening in 2021 across North America and most of Europe. This may be quite different for some countries like Australia where some F2F events are already happening.

In the best case scenario, F2F events across North America could return in smaller groups starting this summer, but we will have to wait until the fall for F2F events to return in a significant force.

We are now in the so-called third wave and it seems like the doctors are already talking about the fourth wave. No one knows how many more waves will be happening but it seems like we continue hoping for the best but still planning for the worst.

The biggest determination factors will probably be the level of population being vaccinated and the available treatments to prevent death. With this virus under predictable and sustainable control, things can go quickly back to mostly normal.

That said, the show must go on at some point! We are already seeing the fallout from the lockdown and I am not sure we even started to fully understand the damage that will be caused to mental health, abuse, crime, education and progress.

I am hoping that when the dust from this disaster finally settles, we would have enough positive outcomes to justify the pain, suffering and destruction caused by COVID. I am also hoping that everyone learns from this so it will never happen again. I think the world needs a smart disaster-continuity plan moving forward.

I doubt that massive gatherings will happen as event-size restrictions will probably be imposed. Attendees from certain countries will probably not be allowed for some time without some proof of vaccine or negative test. Rapid testing will hopefully become as common as the disinfectants we see at every entrance.

For the near future, F2F events will probably be targeting local regions instead of having the people come from everywhere.

F2F events will also need to be more accommodating to 3 types of attendees… To read more visit eChannelNEWS.

Julian Lee