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Andrew Bagrin of My Digital Shield in the NEWS

Cybersecurity has a lot of components and complexity. One of the biggest is the perimeter, known as the firewall.  Typically, the firewall is a physical static box.  It was all great until you needed to move your firewall everywhere.

My Digital Shield has virtualized the firewall perimeter that follows you wherever you go.  So, your location does not matter nor what type of device you are using as you will always be behind the same perimeter across all data centers.

“Last year, $25 million in ransom was paid according to the FBI. This year, it is already over $250 million by July. We bring that trusted local area network by removing the geography restrictions. My Digital Shield protects during the different steps of a ransomware infection”, said Andrew.

The Channel-only company offers a monthly subscription and has a lucrative partner programs.

Listen to the podcast interview here