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Ammanuel Abebe of Autotask in the NEWS

Autotask wants to be the one-stop shop for the MSPs, a unified single sign-on platform with an RMM solution, file sync and share, now backup and integration with Microsoft as well. They help MSPs out through educational webinars, reports and data points about best practices for MSPs.

It’s also great to see the younger generation like Ammanuel entering the IT channel as the Industry knows it is not able to attract enough. Successful companies like Autotask should also be commended in making it exciting enough to attract millennials. As an industry, we need to do more to encourage the younger generation to be part of the IT channel.

I have seen Autotask evolve since it’s very early days as they leveraged our ChannelNEXT events to develop their channel. Their success is impressive as they continue to evolve to adapt to the needs of the channel. There are lots of PSA type vendors and the race continues to expand their portfolio. It’s an area that we track closely as the channel is looking for better integrated solutions to run their business. We also see this space heating with the recent Microsoft Dynamics 365 announcements.

Watch the ecnTV Interview with Ammanuel Abebe at a recent ChannelNEXT Conference!