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Alex Tatham of WestCoast in the NEWS

Westcoast is one of the largest distributors in the UK. It has recently made two major acquisitions. The first one being a large format and 3D printing Nottingham-based distributor ArtSystems. With this acquisition, Westcoast will create a print services center in order to be able to service a whole range of print resellers and vendors. 3D printing is still a niche market but offers a lot of creative opportunities in a whole range of industries that will use this technology in the long term.

The second acquisition is ADVEO from France, which will make Westcoast the largest EOS Distributor in Europe. End of July, Westcoast will also offer Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) so that every quote will have a monthly bill option on it.

More and more services will be offered through distribution in the future, these services will revolve around Big Data for example. Distribution is actually the fundamental driver of the biggest sales for Microsoft.  Alex sees HP Enterprise doing extremely well as it comes to the channel. They are really driving change in the market.  According to Alex, the channel will be different as a result of the growing consolidation.  He also predicts that the channel will be healthier and bigger as it proves to be the perfect base for marketing any cloud product.

Alex’s keynote presentation was well received by everyone as he outlined how his distribution company and the channel will grow and become more innovative.

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