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A Swiss Managed Service Provider To Showcase Their Office-To-Go Services At CeBIT

When we go to any IT conference, we look for two things…Vendors with innovative solutions and Channel Partners who are pushing the limits of solutions.

UC Point, a Microsoft solutions partner is joining the digital revolution at the CeBIT this year with comprehensive offerings of solutions and best practices related to remote work in the cloud. Best Practices is another thing that we look for!

Other MSPs may want to take notes, as this is a good example of how a MSP can leverage their expertise to go global.

“The Modern Workplace – Office to Go” is their flagship offering. Visitors can discover and discuss consulting, analytics and managed services expertise from this Microsoft Partner and provider of global Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions.

Experiencing digital transformation… UC Point considers this a top priority and guides companies on the path to digital transformation with a holistic approach of UCC services and solutions.

The company’s experts will showcase several products and services including seamless conferencing with UC-Interop, an upgraded version of UCP DNA365 with improved features and usability as well as a free Office 365 workshop training session.

Markus P. Keller, CEO and founder of UC Point commented, “Our Managed Services offer is backed by our 15+ year experience as a certified Unified Communications & Collaboration Support Partner. We successfully run a 4-Step Ready-to-Run Smooth Migration™ model to sequentially deploy Microsoft´s Unified Communication services site by site at a pace that is strategically and operationally in-sync with the ongoing business transformation of an organization. This way, we plan, deploy, run and sustain Skype for Business of an organization on a world-class scale – regardless if it has to be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid.”

UC-Interop – Seamlessly connect to various manufacturers’ conferencing platforms

With UC-Interop, UC Point is providing an interoperability solution that seamlessly connects various manufacturers’ conferencing platforms and devices to Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business. As a result, companies receive a low-cost and Office 365-certified solution for their existing collaboration infrastructures – whether they are operated on-premise, hybrid, or completely from the Cloud. This allows a Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom or Avaya room system user to participate in a Skype for Business Meeting with just one click. Compared to conventional bridging solutions (which require more time, resources and technical effort to implement and use), UC-Interop optimally distributes the conferencing load between both conferencing units without the need for time-consuming installation by IT. UC Point offers UC-Interop as a managed service that is bundled with modular support services. Customers simply benefit from a low-cost “pay-as-you-need” licensing model.

DNA365 – Permanently improving the quality of phone calls and video conferences

UC Point’s vendor independent measurement and analysis procedure, DNA365, helps IT identify causes for bad audio and video experiences during Skype for Business calls. The continuous network quality analysis developed by UC Point together with notable business partners, checks the enterprise voice environment 24/7/365 and proactively reports threshold deviations. Thanks to its unique “fingerprint” method, companies can continuously monitor the quality of telephone calls and video conferencing to increase user satisfaction.

Office 365 Workshop Training – Effectively Collaborate in the Cloud

UC Point offers a free and personalized introductory course for companies that wish to test how easy remote work is with Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud solution. Up to ten members of your decision-making team can experience the benefits of remote work in the cloud in an individualized, non-binding session on-site, without the need to travel to a training center. In the setting of a virtual company, you will execute different business processes using actual, dedicated cloud accounts – from scheduling to networking and working in teams to creating documents and business concepts. Participants will get a first-hand look at all of the important applications within Office 365 including Outlook, Exchange, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype for Business.