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A Dozen Quick Tips for Your Successful Webinar Presentation!

1. Test your Internet speed! www.speednet.com is a good way. If your connection is too slow, frozen screens and slur talking are indications of a problem.

2. Remember the obvious! Are your headphones and mic working? Is your dial-in working with available mute? Do you have a glass of water? Did you put a “do not disturb” note on your office door? Is your laptop plugged in? Did you turn off various chat and notifications popping up on your screen? Is your cell phone on silent?

3. Remember your background noise! Isolate yourself from construction noise, music, keyboard typing, crying kids, barking dogs, etc.. Always mute your mic when you are not talking!

4. Schedule a test run at least one day in advance!  Have your colleagues listen and give you feedback. Also, ensure you are using the time you are scheduled for. Watch the clock!

5. Be on time! Connect with the organizer at least 10 minutes prior to the actual start time to ensure everything is working properly and you are ready. Mute your mic until it is your turn.

6. Introduce yourself! Your name, position, company, why you are doing this webinar and what you would like the audience to take away.

7. Have an agenda!  Show it on your first slide and walk through it briefly. Set expectations at the beginning…”This is what you will take-away today:…”

8. Your presentation should be the same as if you were face-to-face with the audience. Point format with more graphics.

9.  Be prepared for Q and A! If there are none, prepare some questions yourself in advance and supply them prior to the webinar. There is time scheduled for you, do not waste it by ending the session beforehand. If you finish early, suggest questions that you feel the audience may have on their minds.

10. Do not forget to smile and speak with enthusiasm. Regardless, if you are in video mode or not. Your audience can hear your emotions! Try not to read the slides instead, have a conversation.

11. Remember to thank everyone for attending and do not forget to mention the next steps and how to contact you.

12. Make your slide deck and the webinar available for recording.