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8 Reasons Why VoIP is an Excellent Managed Service for the IT Channel to Offer Their Clients

Twenty years ago it wasn’t possible. Ten years ago it was plausible. Like any new disrupting technology, it takes time to mature. Today, VoIP Technology has improved dramatically for the IT Channel to exploit as a significant Managed Service.

Implementing VoIP has become a lot easier! It’s easier to figure out the required bandwidth needed for optimal voice and data performance. Using the appropriate routers and making sure they are set properly has been another big improvement to the success of VoIP. The system can also be configured, monitored and maintained in the Cloud.

Migrating from an on-premise phone system to Cloud-Hosted VoIP delivers some obvious benefits to businesses of all sizes, yet it’s a solution that most VARs and MSPs still do not offer their clients.

Here are 8 reasons why VARs and MSPs may want to consider offering a Managed VoIP solution to their clients:

1. Real cost savings for clients. Doing a cost comparison between a traditional phone system and Cloud VoIP will easily demonstrate a significant savings with VoIP. Many businesses with on-premise phone systems pay a monthly maintenance fee or at least an occasional break fix charge. With Cloud VoIP phone service the maintenance is all part of the service and done in the carrier data center. VoIP vendors will do a detailed cost analysis for free!

2. Time savings. Setting up, managing and maintaining the system in the Cloud is a huge time saver. Many time saving features come standard in VoIP such as unified communications to easily retrieve and share messages. Some Providers may include configuration and maintenance as part of their service offering so no additional resources will be required from the MSP.

3. Remote worker efficiencies. Many companies have remote workers with high-speed Internet access. VoIP can be easily set up and managed for every remote location and person. The phone system can follow employees everywhere and stay connected with their colleagues as if they were in the same building. Very easy to add more phones at new remote locations.

4. Back up disaster recovery for business continuity is built in. Have a problem at the office? Simply move anywhere and reconnect the phone to the Internet to be back up and running in a few minutes.

5. Implementation is painless. Today’s VoIP is configurable in the Cloud. The best VoIP providers will set up everything. You literally start using your phone instantly!

6. Updates are automated in the Cloud. As the VoIP technology gets updated, there is no need to do anything. The system will be updated seamlessly without any end-user involvement.

7. Security is built-in. Phone systems can be hacked. Good VoIP providers monitor activities that could pose a security threat and mediate before it affects the system.

8. Significant recurring revenues for channel partners. Managed Service Providers can generate a significant recurring revenue every month without providing resources in monitoring, management and maintenance. However, MSPs must choose the right VoIP partner to ensure they get their fair share of the revenues over the lifetime of the client!

If you are not already offering a VoIP solution this may be a good time to start considering to get in the game. We have been reviewing several VoIP vendors and we believe that ConnectMeVoice is a VoIP company that MSPs and VARs may want to investigate because they have a strong solution and a channel-friendly partnership program.

Three important things that we have learned about ConnectMeVoice:

1. They do not charge for the service per user and they can offer variable costs for seasonal peak usage clients.

2. They recently won an industry award for best sales and marketing. Something that will come in handy to help their channel partners succeed.

3. Their channel partners get a significant share of the revenues for the lifetime of the client with additional up-sell revenue opportunities.

Of course there are many more things that make up a successful VoIP company such as: The quality of the phones that they offer; The robustness of their software application; Their engineers doing the development; Their technical support; Their data center and redundant fail-over systems; Their leadership and costs. Before you pick a VoIP partner, get to know their entire value proposition.

When all is said and done, people do business with people. So VARs and MSPs should find a channel-friendly VoIP vendor that has a high level of concern and support for their customers. You want to know that there are real people behind the technology when you need help.