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SEO or SEM to Generate End-User Leads?


John Betko

John Betko

Most of us know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We also know about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) a.k.a buying ad-words from search engines like Google. What is less known is the geo-level targeting of SEM. Basically, VARS or MSPs can have their ad appear whenever the target search words are entered within a predefined region. Today you can filter your search by specific areas within a city. It is possible that most of us can actually execute such SEM campaigns, but it very difficult to generate the sales leads that we seek.

Moving beyond the basic campaign, you will need to ensure that your spend is optimized and designed for maximum conversion rates. If you miss these two critical steps, it is most likely that your SEM spend will not generate results. Self-serve search engine campaign tools are designed to take your money. They are not really designed to get you ROI.

It takes experience and tools to understand how this process really works. Most VARs or MSPs have little time to figure out how to do it right. In the past so many VARs have been disappointed with the results from companies selling basic SEO services. Getting listed at the top of search results is good, but getting the buyer to take action with you is best.

VAR Office Suite’s SEM partners offer a comprehensive and ROI driven solution. Request Information to start the conversation. Learn the best practices for leverage SEM to generate qualified sales leads that are local to your business.

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