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33 great tips on Social Selling

A few months ago, whilst reading a book called ‘Collaboration Economy’, something sparked in my brain. What if I could convince a group of ‘Social Selling Thought Leaders’, around the globe, to jointly collaborate in writing a short eBook about ‘Social Selling’. If I could convince them to do this, all the authors would have a fantastic resource to share the collective ideas, insights and tips with clients and future buyers. And you, ‘the reader’ would learn so much more about ‘Social Selling’ by understanding many different perspectives on the subject.

I wrote a compelling email and sent it to 60 of my LinkedIn connections, who I thought might be interested in joining the project. My goal was 50 articles. In the end 44 showed an interest and inevitably with these type of long-distance projects, 11 dropped out and we ended up with 33 really awesome articles, which are now contained in a concise and very worthwhile eBook, ’33 Social Selling Success Tips’.

Here are a few quotes from the eBook:

“Remember, in life “visibility creates opportunity” and social media can be used as either a soapbox or a mountain top to stand on to get your message heard”

“Sales is inherently Social so I don’t think Social Selling is anything new”

“But this is really more about state of mind than anything else”

“Organizations need to become much more focused on becoming a “social business”

“It’s not hard to be authentic. It’s beneficial”

“Would you rather talk to a real person or a logo?”

Contained within the eBook are some amazing ideas, insights and tips by these amazing Thought Leaders, across the globe.

Download the free e-book here

By Michael de Groot