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30 Power Tools and Services For MSPs, VARs, ITSPs And IT Pros

VAR Office Suite is all about the 30 power tools and services that every MSP, VAR, ITSP and IT Pro needs to be successful. If you already have some of these tools and you are satisfied with the performance, then keep them and move on to the next tool. Keep adding more tools and measure the results. You will see an incremental uptick in your success.

1. Business IT Consultation Tool: This will help you to become the trusted business advisor of your clients and convince your prospects to do business with you. This tool will help you to uncover the business risks and opportunities that are important for your clients through a professional consultation process. You will get professional reports to present the risks to your client and you can include the IT solutions that will fix the problems. Ultimately, you will close bigger deals and faster.

2. IT Infrastructure Assessment Tool: Run powerful diagnostics on your clients’ networks and technology assets for performance, compliance and vulnerabilities to uncover weaknesses, then leverage the professional and comprehensive IT assessment reports to present the results and offer solutions to improve.

3. IT Asset Management Tool: Knowing every aspect of all IT assets of your clients can be a huge competitive advantage for you, regardless if you were the original seller of the asset. Use this tool to record and track all attributes of every IT asset of all your clients including system configuration, user, location, install dates and other related information. The more you know about all of the IT assets that your clients use, the easier you can identify new sales opportunities.

4. IT Asset Lifecycle and Compliance Management Tool: Knowing if your clients’ IT assets are in need of upgrading or if they are out of compliance will help you to keep your clients up-to-date as well as generate incremental revenues. With this tool, you can get the data in real-time! It will also help you to manage the procurement of the upgrades from your vendors.

5. E-Procurement Tool: Searching for IT products, finding the best price and availability, buying and tracking the products can be automated with this tool to save you over 80% of your time while ensuring that you always buy at the best price and maximize your fulfillment rate. Spend less time searching for availability and best price. Spend more time exploiting incentives and other resources from vendors to increase your profit margins.

6. B2B Web Procurement Tool: Allowing your clients to log into a secure online portal to browse their specific selection of IT products at their specific pricing, terms and conditions, will streamline the buying process, increase order accuracy and allow you to stay open for business 24/7. Offer Procurement-As-A-Service and allow your clients to buy whatever they need from their exclusive web portal.

7. Web Site Tool: Your web site is your most important marketing tool in this digital age. Having the most powerful online representation of who you are and what you do is mission critical. You should have a World-Class web site look and feel with powerful transaction capabilities to wow your clients and prospects. Showcase the right mix of services and products. The web site must also be secure and easy to maintain. Remember 95% of your cost will be in content maintenance and security breeches may cost you more than you think.

8. Service Automation Tool: Managing all types of IT services and service level agreements requires an automation tool to streamline the entire process and get the tasks done as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Processing all service requests, tracking, billing and managing your customers’ expectations can be automated with this tool. Careful to choose the right tool for your needs depending if you are looking for service ticket automation or full managed services automation.

9. Customer Relationship Management Tool: Understanding your client’s needs is mission critical in helping them to exploit technology to grow their business. This insight into their business will also generate more sales opportunities for you. Ultimately, people buy from people so a proper CRM tool that your sales people want to use is a vital part of success. Getting the best results will require that your sales process be properly integrated with your CRM tool. Adding some professional sales process consultation to support your CRM deployment is recommended.

10. Accounting Tool: Managing recurring revenue transactions such as managed services, electronic billing and payments as well as exchanging data with other business tools will help you to streamline your business processes and improve efficiencies on many levels. This data is always important to analyze so you can adjust your business activities to maximize profitability. Leveraging this tool from mobile devices will also give you a competitive business advantage. If your Accounting or ERP solution is not up to the job for today’s business requirements, then maybe it is time to change. Complete migration services and support is recommended.

11. E-Newsletter Tool and Content Service: Sending an effective newsletter every month to your clients with relevant information is still a strong fundamental part of a marketing strategy. Building a newsletter with relevant and newsworthy content, then sending and tracking activity can be easy. Professional e-broadcasting tool + e-newsletter template + content = a successful marketing tool. This is exactly what you get with this tool and it only takes only a few minutes of your time to get the job done.

12. Search Engine Marketing Tool and Campaign Management Service: Everyone knows that most buyers look to Google to search for most everything. Leveraging SEM correctly with the proper campaign management tool and service will reach and drive hot prospects to your company within any targeted region. It requires a lot more than just buying ad words. Anyone can buy ad-words. The secret for getting the most ROI is in how you optimize your spend and process the traffic in real-time.

13. Deal Registration Tool: Increasingly, more vendors are offering significant benefits and deeper discounts to their partners who register their potential deals. Using a tool that will help you to register deals with multiple vendor/supplier requirements can dramatically simplify the process to ensure you get the most margins with the least investment of your time and effort. Over time, this tool will become more commonplace in helping the channel manage this type of activity.

14. Print Managed Service Tool: The business market is continuing to shift towards a pay-per-use type of printing solution. Having the right tool to manage multi-brand printers, ink, toner, paper and service requirements will help you to easily handle all of your clients’ printing needs. Why sell just printers to your clients so others can make the vast majority of the money from selling them toner, ink and paper? Start selling pay-per-use and make recurring revenues 365 days a year.

15. Cloud Solutions Management and Billing Tool: Most software applications are migrating to the Cloud and eventually more businesses will adopt Cloud solutions. If you wish to control your future success in the Cloud, you will need to secure the ownership of your clients by controlling the registration, billing and provisional procedures for all Cloud apps that you sell. This tool will help you to manage these requirements for the Cloud solutions that you currently sell so you do not have to rely on the systems of the Cloud Vendors.

16. Cloud Applications Suite: What types of Cloud solutions should you sell to your clients and which Cloud vendors should you partner with to deliver the best experience and value while retaining the ownership of your customers? This tool comes fully loaded with a comprehensive catalog of some of the best Cloud applications. It is a great tool to jump-start or expand your Cloud business. With one tool you can manage, market, sell and bill all of your Cloud apps and manage services so you will retain 100% ownership of your customers and maximize your recurring revenues.

17. Rich Product Content Tool and Service: Today, there are over one million IT products available in the market to buy and sell. Whatever products you decide to sell, you should showcase the complete product specifications, images, videos and related rich marketing content on your web site as well as in your sales quotes. Maintaining this rich product content can be done with the combination of a real-time XML tool and the digital product content updating service.

18. Mobile E-Learning Tool: Helping your team and clients to learn various business skills and productivity tips is a great value-add and competitive differentiator. With this tool you can deliver a rich educational experience anytime, anywhere, through any smart-phone or computing device. This tool comes preloaded with hundreds of training topics and productivity tips that will help your employees to improve their skills and impress your customers. You can also have them test their comprehension of any topic.

19. Knowledge Base Tool: Helping you and your clients to build and maintain a comprehensive knowledge-base tool will help to improve productivity, increase accuracy, save time, save money and onboard new employees faster. Most companies can only recognize the incredible value of a knowledge-based tool when they see it in action. Having your employees know what to do is one thing. Ensuring that they do it correctly and consistently as well as help train new employees faster is what this tool does. A comprehensive knowledge-base resource will also increase your company’s net worth.

20. Human Resource Tools and Services: Recruiting new employees is no easy task and making wrong decisions can impact negatively on your business in more ways than you may realize. Properly assessing the aptitude and skills of candidates will reduce costly mistakes and help you build a successful team faster. With the right assessment tools you can feel your way through the process and ultimately make better hiring decisions. With some professional HR support, you can rest assured that the hiring process will yield the right candidates for you to choose.

21. Sales Coaching Service: Improving the skills of your sales staff to help them to be the best that they can be will positively impact your sales growth and bottom line. It will also increase the moral and motivation levels of your sales team. Most sales people will do better with some effective coaching. Every company should invest wisely in the development of their most important asset – its staff.

22. BYOD/Mobility Tools and Services: The business World has already shifted to mobility. The productivity gains are enormous but the risks to the company’s data and systems have also increased. As such, there are highly profitable opportunities for you to exploit today. With the right tools and marketing you can exploit the BYOD revolution by helping your customers understand their risks and present solutions that will solve the problems.

23. Real-Time Integration With Suppliers Tool: As more distributors and vendors allow real-time connectivity between them and their partners, you can reduce your time from doing mundane repetitive tasks like checking for a price or availability. This tool also helps you to automate the placing of orders and tracking. Through one web dashboard, you can enter a part number and instantly see the stock levels and your cost from multiple distributors. With one more click, you can generate a quote or place an order.

24. Social Media Services: Connecting with your clients and target community through social media will help you to become a thought-leader for your expertise and in turn, drive awareness and sales prospects to your company. Automation tools and original content will help you get the most benefits from social media. It is a simple task to set up social media tools. The key is generating and publishing relevant content that will engage your audience. With this service, you can leverage a pool of rich content so you can easily pass-on and amplify the message to your audience.

25. Electronic Quote Tool: Sending an electronic quote to your client with all of the information needed to make a decision and allowing the approval process to be as simple as a click, will save you time, increase your closing rates and shorten your sales cycle. All quotes can now be quickly generated and managed electronically from any web access using a smart-phone or computing device.

26. Web Apps Tools: Leveraging a good selection of web apps will help you to enhance your customer experience and make your web site more “sticky”. Ultimately, this gets you a stronger competitive advantage. Web apps such as live-chat/talk, tax-tables, SSL Verified, Web Survey and Web analytics etc.. Turning your web site into more powerful customer-centric sales tool can be easier with these web apps. More apps are being added as we continue to build a comprehensive suite of web enhancement tools.

27. Group Membership Services: There are several groups that offer significant benefits that may justify their membership dues. Review and pick the right ones for your needs. Be cautious about buying groups that force you to buy through them or take a cut of your margins. Group memberships can offer significant cost savings in credit card merchant fees, insurance, transportation and many other areas.

28. Content Sharing Tools and Services: Sharing of a variety of product information such as white papers, videos, slide presentations and other related content between your vendors and your clients or prospects is an everyday requirement. Managing this entire process digitally through any smart-phone or computing device will save you time and get the job done right. This tool is your exclusive virtual library of all the content you need to educate your clients. It allows you to instantly share with anyone. It also doubles as your virtual marketing tool to announce new products and promotions.

29. Remote Monitoring and Management Tool: Offering Managed Services requires effective tools that will help to present the business opportunity as well as monitor and manage the various devices and systems of your clients. There are several RMM tools in the market and we can help you select the right tool for your needs. Having the right tools to handle managed services is important, but getting your sales team to change their conversation to sell Managed Services is just as important

30. Management Coaching Services. Without strong leadership and management, most companies will ultimately fail. Fortunately, it is something that most people can learn with the right coaching. Improving your management and leadership skills will have an immediate and positive impact on your employees. It demonstrates your commitment to improve and become a stronger leader.

There are many more tools and services that we offer under VAR Office Suite, but start by picking just one tool that you feel that you need today and get that implemented correctly. Then move to the next and so on. Build your business stronger one step at a time.

Ask us how you can take a business evaluation test to help you determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to plot a course to build a stronger and more successful business. We can also recommend the tools and services that we know will make the biggest impact on your business.