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2021’s most influential marketing tool? Vaccinated staff.

As businesses from all industries open up, consumers are not only being asked if they are vaccinated, but are also asking the same of the businesses they shop at.

“Regardless of legislation or employee’s rights, customers want to know they are visiting a safe business environment,” says customer experience expert Marc Gordon. “However, it’s also about knowing that the business and its staff share your values and beliefs.”

Marc believes that having (fully) vaccinated staff can be an impactful marketing tool, especially in industries such as hospitality, restaurants, health clubs, and salons.

“At the end of the day, business owners need to understand that regardless of their personal views on vaccinations and COVID-19, it is the customer that will have the greatest impact on their success,” says Marc. “So, what protocols should be followed? That depends on how important their customers are.”

Using vaccinated staff as a marketing tool With the majority of the population having received at least one dose, catering to the masses is key. A business that demonstrates their concern for both staff and customers will always be looked upon in a positive light.
How to respond to customers when your business does not have vaccination protocols While choosing to allow staff to make their own vaccination choices may not be wise, the fact is that it is still their right. If this is the case, instead focus on other measures being taken such as cleaning procedures, PPE, and social distancing.
Can, or should, a business ask if their customers are vaccinated? Assuming staff are vaccinated, businesses such as retailers and restaurants should avoid asking customers their vaccination status. Not only could this be viewed as being intrusive, but people could also just lie. For other types of businesses such as at-home services and health care, asking can be more acceptable as the perception is that staff could be more at risk.
How should a business owner who is anti-vax communicate with their market? For these business owners, they believe they are choosing authenticity over complacency. Marc’s suggestion is that they stay the course. “At least customers know where the business stands. And that empowers the customer to make an informed decision about where to shop. My fear is that an anti-vax business would simply say what they believe people want to hear without being honest.”

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