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12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 9 of 12)

Step 9: Cloud Applications

VARs need to find and build their suite of Cloud solutions to offer their clients. With over 2,000 Cloud apps and counting, it is not easy to pick the right partner. You also need to be careful of vendors that want to take away the ownership of your customer. You will want to look at a tool that will help you to manage all Cloud apps under a single dashboard that you control. Private-label as much as possible to protect the relationship with your customer.

Out of the box, you can have a private-labeled tool to showcase a solid range of popular Cloud applications that you can start selling and provisioning immediately. Add other Cloud apps to complete your specific offering. Integrate with your web and social media presence to generate awareness and sales. If you are going to do Cloud, and you should, this is the best way to jump-start the journey.

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