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12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 8 of 12)

Step 8: Electronic Quotes

Quickly generating electronic quotes and sending to clients will drive more sales and faster closing cycles. The client will receive the e-quote and make adjustments before sending it back for processing. Quoting every sales inquiry will help you close more deals and better manage sales activities. It will also help you to build your customer prospect database.

It is simple. When any inquiry comes in, ask for the prospect’s contact information and tell them you will check for availability and the best price and send to them by e-mail or text. When you have a tool that can help you build and send a quote in seconds, your prospect will be impressed and it will send a powerful image of your business. The reasons are many for ensuring that you have an efficient and effective quoting tool. Over 80% of your quotes will be simple so ensure that the quoting tool is easy and convenient to use.

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