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12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 7 of 12)

Step 7: CRM

CRM in your brain or e-mail system is not best practice. CRM is critical if you wish to leverage your customer base. It allows you to grow sales within current clients. Many have a CRM tool. Unfortunately, most have failed to get the results. The problem is in the adoption rates by sales people. If it requires too many steps or effort to use, then it is probably not working for your company.

There is a tool that can lay over your current CRM system (eg, SalesForce or Dynamics) to make it easier to use and grow the adoption rates as well as results. Or, you can get a new CRM tool that will allow your sales reps to easily use and leverage to grow sales. Regardless, of which you choose, it is important to your business because we know that VARs with a solid CRM tool and process will win more business than VARs without.

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