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12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 5 of 12)

Step 5: IT Professional Consultation and Business Assessments.

If you really want to become a trusted business advisor to your clients then consider a tool that will help your sales and tech teams to be able to offer more professional business consultation. It is practically impossible for a human to evaluate all the needs of a business without the proper knowledge and support.  Replicating this skill throughout your team is also difficult. With this tool, you can also add your own expertise to build your knowledge base and ultimately, your net worth. You need to see this tool in action to see the benefits.

This same tool will help you to onboard new employees faster as it supports the training requirements and transfer of knowledge. This tool is great for assessing business practices in over 150 areas. You can quickly get started with the 40 key topics and short assessments. This is completely different from end-point and network assessment and discovery tools! Learn the differences and how all of these tools can be combined to help you become a top IT Consultant.

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