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12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 4 of 12)

Step 4: Supply Chain Procurement.

Hardware items are mostly low margins so you do need to reduce your touch points to make money. This process is now to a point where you can electronically push an order to a distributor for drop shipment to your end-user in less than five seconds. When you make the procurement of hardware more cost-effective, you can easily add services to generate more profits.

Having the ability to check price and availability in real-time from suppliers will maximize fulfillment rates and profitability. With one web dashboard to manage and purchase all products from all suppliers, you can save hours every day. You can also extend a web store to your B2B or B2C end-users to browse and buy 24/7. With e-commerce tools, you can manage this process automatically and literally reduce 80% of your workload.

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