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12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 11 of 12)

Step 11: BYOD

Helping your clients to manage their data security risks resulting from mobile devices that employees bring to work is lucrative business. We all understand the big picture of having security breeches in a company’s data and mobility simply amplifies the issue to the nth degree. Ringing the alarm with some assessments and reports may be just enough to convince the end-user to invest in managing mobile devices. BYOD companies have great tools to help make the case.

The trend could morph into a 2-mobile devices solution as businesses are starting to decide which devices to give to each employee to use. If the company’s security risks and the employee’s right to privacy can coexist on the BYOD stage, then long live BYOD. If not, the 2-devices strategy may prevail. Regardless, VARs must get into the business of helping their clients solve the BYOD puzzle.

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