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12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 10 of 12)

Step 10: RMM – Managed Services

You will need to have your business processes in order before embarking on this journey. Just selling services without a proper strategy and plan to execute can quickly lead to a business disaster. Managed services require a streamlined (lower operating cost) business process to maximize profit. You want less touch from your tech team and more automation to prevent services calls. It is actually a reverse of the traditional break-fix model (which is still viable today).

You also want to prioritize base on what services will generate the most impact on your business and your ability to deliver. Managed Services/RMM tools will require a certain skill to do correctly.  Done right, you can be billing customers a recurring revenue for services with minimal resources. Research your competition and ease into managed services. Most RMM and PSA companies have a wealth of best practice information, methodologies and support to help you get started.

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