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12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 1 of 12)

We talk a lot about the 30 tools and services that the most successful VARs, MSPs and ITSPs use in their business. However, the road to success for each company is somewhat different.

Here is the first step to a 12-step program that will transform your business:

Step 1: Web Presence

It is obvious by now that your web site is the biggest window to showcase your company. You are what your web site says about you! As such, it should be as exciting as possible to present the strongest possible image of your company. Take a good hard look at your web site. Ask your colleagues, friends and clients to give you honest feedback. Get an assessment done to help you identify your issues and to benchmark your score.

On average, VARs tell us that they would rank their web site a 4 out of 10. Is that the image you really want to project to your clients? If it really looks that bad, close it and put up a sign “under reconstruction to serve you better”, then fix it ASAP. Showing a poor image may be worst than showing no image! And remember, 80% of the cost is in updating of your content, so ensure you get a tool that is easy to maintain and secure.

Take this step now: Contact us. Check off the tools and services that are of interest to you or simply put the step number into the comment box and submit. We will send you information and schedule a demo. You may also checkout our events to see the upcoming webinars or live events that you can attend to check out these tools live.