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12 Reasons Why VARs and MSPs are Converging at ChannelNEXT Central on June 5-6!

First and foremost, they want to get the inside scoop on future-proofing their business by building more sustainable recurring revenue! The new and improved ChannelNEXT conference for 2017 is primed to deliver this type of high-end business intelligence.

“It’s going to be quite a different experience for our delegates this year as we build on the recent changes we made to the first ChannelNEXT East event in April. We are now on a 80% business education and 20% vendor mix trajectory.”

Today, VARs and MSPs really need much more unbiased content and support to help them transition their business to remain relevant and successful in the future. Vendors also need this to happen because they need partners to become stronger and remain in business to sell their products!

Vendors will always be an integral part of the foundation of ChannelNext but participating in a more effective way to educate the delegates, build relationships and partnerships. We are also bolting-on more private vendor training sessions and special activities to ChannelNEXT. This will help vendors to deliver the best possible experience to their channel partners. Get to know the Private-Vendor-Events-Within-ChannelNEXT!

Here is a taste of what the VARs and MSPs will experience at the upcoming ChannelNEXT Central on June 5-6:

  1. The Mechanics of IT – Understand all the moving parts of your business and get a free 200 point best business practice check-up. Shouldn’t you know how your company is actually performing in all areas? What do you do when you car engine’s trouble indicator light comes on? What could happen if you ignore that little light?
  2. Top 10 secrets of the most successful VARs/MSPs. Sometimes you just need to simply adopt what others have already proven to work successfully! Instead of reinventing the wheel, come learn what the most successful companies already do.
  3. 8 Trends that VARs/MSPs must leverage to remain successful in the future. These are your best bets as they are most likely going to be where the money will be flowing in the future.
  4. Selling the digital business transformation age. It’s everywhere and it is beyond the IT budget. You need your piece of the bigger spend of your customers and helping them to exploit the digital transformation age is the only way to do it!
  5. IoT opportunities for the Channel. It’s just getting started, but some solid money-making solutions are already popping up in the channel, why not get in on the ground floor so you can gain an early competitive advantage?
  6. Branding and Culture. This matters more than ever for reasons that will only become clear after you go through this powerful coaching workshop exercise. It’s critically important to your future success in the channel.
  7. What’s in your digital footprint beyond your website? By now it’s obvious that digital marketing and everything surrounding it is vital to the future survival of just about every company. You will get deep and wide insights into building the very best digital strategy.
  8. Social Selling. If by now you are not a champion at social selling, then you are way behind the top sales performers in the industry. This is not an option for sales people. We will explore how you can raise your social selling game and become a superstar.
  9. Powering up your sales. This is still the #1 request from VARs and MSPs everywhere. This session will help you to review your current sales process and tools to ensure that your sales force are right-equipped to win. With the small tweaks, you can quickly increase your profits by 28%.
  10. Is your financial solution and practices helping or hurting your business? The vast majority of VARs and MSPs simply overlook their financial infrastructure. Near 100% of the most successful companies never overlook financial matters. We will explore how you can financially control your business and maximize your profitability. Sorry, but this session will NOT be fun, but no pain, no gain!
  11. Customer retention and growth. What is your customer retention rate? What percentage of your customer’s budget do you own? Analyzing your customer data will help you to uncover some big opportunities that you may have left on the table. You will learn some simple and powerful ways to plug this hole.
  12. Experience a MasterMind taster session to solve your current business challenges. It’s the #1 addition we made to the conference. If you know about the value of a MasterMind session, then you know just how valuable this is. If you do not, then you are in for an awakening that may change you to your core. Be warned! You may not be the same after this experience.

Of course, many vendors will be there to showcase their solutions. However, we are encouraging the vendors to also give you their secret business intelligence that they have gathered from their successful partners. Check out the web site for updates on Vendors!

If you know us, then you know that it is never all work and no play at ChannelNEXT! We will be at a privately-owned newly-built resort setting in Collingwood with amazing lake views! We will definitely enjoy great food and fun hospitality suites. Maybe some karaoke. Certainly some great social networking and conversations. Always welcome to extend your stay to enjoy all of the recreation activities (including golfing, hiking and boating) that you can only find in the great Canadian North!

Ready to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business? Reserve your seat now!

Remember that ChannelNEXT and all of its channel-related resources are geared towards helping all VARs and MSPs who want to remain successful in the next generation of the channel. It all starts with taking the Best Business Practice Assessment Test so you can know your strengths and weaknesses!