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10 Tips For Vendors To Boost Their Channel Sales In 2018

1.    Know how the channel ranks your performance. Ensure that you are nominated and/or invite your channel partners to vote for you in the 11th annual Reseller Choice Awards – It’s FREE! The voting deadline is January 20th, 2018. The Awards will be handed out on February 1st at a Gala. See Reseller Choice Awards for details.

2.    Get the inside scoop from the best channel experts on what’s really happening in the channel and how to build a better partner ecosystem. Plan to attend the 6th annual Channel Manager Summit on February 1st, 2018. It’s FREE for qualified channel managers to attend! See Reseller Choice Awards for details.

3.    If you believe that your product is a fit for the Country’s 50 top Managed IT Companies, then plan to meet and network with them at the 50 Best Managed IT Companies Awards Gala on Feb 1st 2018. See 50 best for details.

4.    Recruit more right-fit channel partners in specific region(s) that you want to grow! Do a webinar in Q1, in the way we do it. It’s the most cost and time effective way of generating more right-fit partners and a great way to kick off the New Year! Ask for more details.

5.    Consider doing a proper channel audit to find out what you don’t know so you can develop the best possible channel plan for 2018. It’s amazing what we can uncover for you. Valuable business intelligence that can help you improve your performance in the channel. Ask for more details.

6.    Take a hard look at your bottom 80% of current channel partners and ask yourself what you can really do to help them increase their sales this year. Don’t know? Start by simply inviting them to take the free best business practices test at bestmanageditcompanies.com

7.    Learn what we are doing to help channel partners to rock their business and how you can leverage for free! It’s time to stop selling and start helping…sales will follow! Here is a small taste varofficesuite.com.

8.    Get some news media coverage in the channel. Book an interview with e-channelnews.com We will help you amplify your channel message to our community.

9.    Explore a new sales tool by Idiligo that will help all of your channel sales reps to sign up partners easier while ALSO helping your channel partners to close more sales! It’s near IMPOSSIBLE for this tool to not help you increase closing rates! Ask for a one-on-one demo or if you prefer, you can request a recorded presentation for you to review at your convenience.

10. Plan on doing business with the Next Top 300 Channel Partners in Canada, USA and UK. See 300 Elite Mastermind to learn more about this special group. You will want to run with this pack in 2018!

Surly there are many more things that you can do to energize your channel business in 2018. Add these 10 things to boost your success.