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10 Tips For MSPs and VARs To Rock 2018!

I recently did 10 tips for vendors so I thought I should also do 10 tips for channel partners. Here goes…

  1. Know what you do not know about your business practices. You can hire a good business consultant and/or take a free best practice assessment online. This will give you a very good indication of your strengths and weaknesses. If you are already running on best business practices, then you could win a Top 50 Award!
  2. In Q1, 2018, fix just one thing that you believe can make a significant impact on your business. Do best efforts to get it done right and then measure the results. When you see results, it’s easier to get motivated to tackle the next problem.
  3. Take a hard look at your digital footprint (website, social media etc). Does it properly represent you? Does it help or hurt you? Do you know? If you have not been able to do this right by now, then you probably need to get some professional help. Today, you are what your website looks like!
  4. Like or dislike what some vendors or distributors are doing to serve your needs? You can make your voice heard by voting with your finger! It’s easy to vote in the 11th Annual Reseller Choice Award! However, you will have to be a Canadian company to have your vote count towards the rankings. If you are not in Canada, you can still give us your feedback on vendors and we will add to our list… Vendors do tend to listen to us as we serve a good size community of channel partners.
  5. Take a closer look at your leadership. People tend to follow strong leaders so be honest and if you feel you need some help, invest in some coaching for yourself. Self-improvement is always money and time well spent!
  6. Is your sales team rockin’ it? If you think they need some help, check out a cool tool that can help them improve their presentations and closing rates. The same tool can help train new sales reps faster and easier! Dig deep into this tool and you may find that it can be a game-changer to rock your sales in 2018. Visit Idiligo and get a demo (it’s free to test drive)!
  7. Time to review your vision and ensure it’s realistic for the digital World. Remember that if your team does not clearly know your mission, then they may be moving you in a different direction. Many business owners think that stuff like business vision and plans are fluff, but it ain’t. Ask anyone who is successful in business and they will tell you why.
  8. Digital Marketing can be so abstract to some business leaders that they just don’t get it. Did you do any marketing in 2017 and if so, what was the result? It’s that easy to measure your marketing game. Marketing is not for the timid. It takes serious skill to do it properly. Business needs marketing like people need oxygen, so no choice to do this right!
  9. What’s in your recurring revenue portfolio? It should be north of 50% of your total revenues. Do whatever it takes to convert everything into a recurring revenue model. It’s the future. If you hit a hurdle, consider collaborating with a group of your peers who have figured it out.
  10. Remember to always make time to work ON your business instead of just IN your business. Spending at least one month per year is not unreasonable. Pick some conferences. Attend some webinars. Read some books. Network with lots of like-minded people. If you want the ultimate in business building with peer-to-peer collaboration, then become a member of the Elite 300 Mastermind Group! It’s everything that you need!

Still not sure or want more, check out our VARCoach Blog; Attend some of our channel conferences or webinars; Book one of our business Coaches or if your are in the UK, join our Mastermind social network group on Channeliser to simply chat!