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10 of the biggest challenges that many VARs, MSPs and ITSPs are facing today

We have been busy talking to thousands of VARs, MSPs and ITSPs as part of our VAR Office Suite™ mission to help the channel to become stronger. We are yet to find one company who did not have at least one thing that they would like to improve in the business.

We asked them to tell us their challenges and here are 10 of the most popular answers.

1) Generating new customers. Do not have an effective marketing strategy.

2) Improving their current web presence and strategy. Web sites are weak, no SEM, sporadic blog content, sporadic social media, no e-newsletters.

3) Figuring out how to convert their current clients into managed service contracts that are profitable and sustainable.

4) Deciding what managed services, tools, process and fees they should use. Most MSPs are still fine-tuning their mix and some are already loosing clients to Cloud providers.

5) Dealing with Cloud solutions eroding their business. Are cloud solutions replacing managed service solutions? Most are unclear.

6) How to transform their current staff into effective IT consultants to sell OPEX instead of CAPX budgets and “pay as you go” solutions. It takes a different conversation and the vast majority of their sales and tech staff are not skilled to get this done right.

7) Problems in recruiting and retaining the right staff. Overburdened team and always out of time.

8) Implementing an effective CRM solution to help them engage better with their clients. Most did not have a proper CRM tool and of the ones who had CRM tools implemented, many were not being properly used by their sales team.

9) Managing vendor partnerships, deal registrations and relationships to generate more profitability. Hardware margins are incredibly low and it now requires deal-registration and more effort to get deeper margins. This is taking too much time and effort.

10) Streaming operations – e.g.: e-procurement, quotes, service and accounting. Many are struggling with recurring revenue billing.

Does any of this resonate with your company?

There were many more challenges but this is exactly what we were expecting. This is exactly why we launched VAR Office Suite, VARCoach and VARTrends.

The easy part was figuring out what were their challenges. The hard part is getting them started to overcome these challenges. They are too busy and some of the challenges can be daunting.

We are challenging the VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to ask themselves just one question. “If I had to improve just one thing in my business, what would it be?” Once they have answered this one question, we then set out to help them solve this one problem.

This is a great starting point because the VAR, MSP or ITSP will see immediate results and then be motivated to take the second step and so on.

For those who are still battling to figure out their first challenge to overcome, we encourage them to take the business evaluation test. They can go through the online assessment test and answer the questions.  At the end, they will get a report card that helps them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. From this, they can get a roadmap to build a stronger business.

If we had to pick one starting point that always seem to work regardless of the VAR, MSP or ITSP, then it would be to help their sales and technical staff to become better IT Professional Consultants. This will generate the biggest and most sustainable impact on their sales. This solution is called Fuse Expertise and it is a must for most every VAR MSP and ITSP.

Attend our web seminars or face-to-face events to start learning… see www.vartrends.com. Or, do it yourself by taking the self-serve business evaluation assessment or requesting more information. Learn any way you want and take that first step in building your business stronger.