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It’s the Right Time to Beat the Competition

Once summer knocks at our door, vacation is what we envision. There is a way to break this paradigm.

Keep Going
The best time to reach out to potential employees is during the summer season; people are more available and more relaxed.
Don’t allow yourself to slow down because you think everybody else does. Many employees are not vacationing during the summer season. Understand who you are, reach those people you feel might be a good fit for your business and ask to meet with them.
You are not hiring at this point. You are building a pipeline.

Promote Your EmployerBrand
When you are not under pressure to hire, you have more time to meet with more people. Make good use of these meetings by promoting your employer brand.
Talk about your work environment, talk about your culture and how employees are an important part of your success.
Ask the candidate how they feel about your work culture. Ask them what they are looking for in an employer. Understand what motivates them.
This is a two-way conversation that will help you make the necessary adjustments to what you already do for your employees.

Ask Why the Candidate Would Work for You
In case you have an opening in the near future, find out what would motivate the candidate to join you. Ask when they would be ready to jump ship.
Conversely, ask why they wouldn’t work for you.
This information is extremely valuable for future workforce planning.

Stay In Touch
Pursue relationships with the candidates you would like to hire in the future by staying in touch. That candidate might refer your business to others. What you want is to spread the word.
Don’t allow yourself to slow down during the summer season. Break that paradigm by staying visible while your competition is slowing down. Just because you can.