Interview with Edge to Epic

Edge to Epic offers all Canadian VARs, MSPs and ITSPs their membership benefits through VAR Office Suite. It is FREE. There is a variety of benefits ranging from health insurance to discounts on flights. For example, Small business owners with 5 employees or less, typically cannot get great deals on health insurance but through one of their programs fees start ... Read More »

Eight Keys To Building Better Relationships With Your Customers

Sales, one of the oldest professions in the world, and for thousands of years very little has changed. Traders ventured across the seas, across deserts and mountain ranges to obtain goods to bring back to their customers. The industrial revolution of the 19th Century started to alter the production of goods. Factories started to pump out products at an alarming ... Read More »

The 12 Rules Of Time

 1. Have goals Being more efficient with your time is irrelevant if you don’t know how you want to spend it. In managing time, the compass is more important than the clock. Know where you want to go and spend your time on the things that get you there. Many people spend energy trying to be more efficient without first ... Read More »

Find the sweet spot between products and services to increase net profit by as much as 30%

Selling products or services that carry a higher gross profit can substantially help bottom line performance. In many cases, this shift can be accomplished by working with your sales force to change the way they sell. Unfortunately, many sales personnel gravitate toward selling items that carry a lower gross profit because they have conditioned themselves to sell based on price ... Read More »

10 Tips to Establish Stronger Rapport with Your Audience

Rapport with your audience is the secret to connecting, building trust and working together. If you’re selling that leads to more sales. If you’re managing that leads to more cohesive teams. When you don’t have rapport with your audience you are wasting everyone’s time and digging your grave. Start building rapport early in your presentation and reinforce it often while ... Read More »

The Reality Of Prospecting and Rejection

Talk to any group of sales people and ask why they don’t like prospecting, specifically cold calling, and rejection is at the top of the list.  In actual fact, it should say fear of rejection, because all too often they don’t even get around to making the calls to be rejected, the fear of it prevents them from picking up ... Read More »

Spend Promotional Dollars Wisely

Placing ads in publications or other media that might have little or no relevance to the market(s) they serve will waste your marketing funds. A targeted approach is much preferred and will generally provide a far greater return for the money spent. The first thing we suggest is to develop a succinct and detailed promotional plan that will include the ... Read More »

Why Attend IT Events At All?

Most VARs,  MSPs, ITSPs and even vendors question the benefits of going to IT events. It takes precious time away from the office and it is a significant drain on your resources. With over 500 IT events each year, it is impossible to do all, so you do need to be very selective. It will take some effort for you ... Read More »

Long Live The Status Quo

Status Quo has been a central theme and concept in B2B sales since it has evolved as a craft. Over the last 20 plus years, people have taken camps on different sides of the Status Quo. For some it is the “competition”, encouraging sellers to focus on the buyer’s circumstance and market view rather than product. For others, the Status ... Read More »

Pricing Your Services Just Right

The world of managed services is quite different from traditional break-fix services. With break-fix, you want to have as many Techs billing as much hours as possible where as with managed services, you want to have as least billing hours from your Techs as possible. Once you wrap your brains around the 180 degree flip in thinking, you will be ... Read More »