Why Are Manholes Covers Round?

Why are manholes covers round? Is one of the questions asked to the wannabe Googlers.  Google wants to assess creativity and problem-solving. In other words, Google is looking for a quick answer that proves not only the candidate is agile, but logical, adaptable and math-minded. But what these “trick” questions can’t highlight is a quality that Pappalardo sees as not ... Read More »

CRM the Right Way

There’s always a right way and a wrong way to do most things. In fact, there’s typically several right and several wrong ways. So why is it then that many companies seem to choose the wrong way to implement their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution? Don’t they read all the articles and white papers we’ve been writing over the years ... Read More »

10 Key DNA Strands of a Successful VAR

Every channel research firm and news media organization talks about the dramatic changes that are happening in the channel. You would have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the current state of the channel. We also know that VARs around the World are also feeling the same pressures. So what? Remember the story about the ... Read More »

There must be 50 ways to leave your customer

Do you love your customers? Do they know it? And more importantly do they love you? If you love your business than you’d better love your customers. They are the ones who allow you to do what you love. Without them it is just a money-losing hobby. You don’t need to love all your customers. Some you like and others ... Read More »

Death Of Salesman 2.0

Ah, the poor 21st century sales professionals, if he/she is not getting it from their manager, they are being squeezed by what he thought was a “loyal” customer, wringing yet another concession to ensure they keep the business. As if all that were not enough, there is always a sniper, pundit or sales expert ready to threaten their existence and ... Read More »

It Could Be Pretty Lonely At The Top

It Could Be Pretty Lonely At The Top I’ve been asked numerous times by my business partners what the difference was between mentoring and coaching. While coaching is short term, performance driven and task oriented; mentoring is relationship oriented, long term and development driven. Coaching is used when an organization is seeking to develop its employees in specific competencies using ... Read More »

How To Know It’s Time To Fire Your Employee?

Letting an employee go is not easy.  In fact it’s one of the hardest tasks a business owner is faced with when dealing with human resources. After all, you are handling the other person’s livelihood. It makes it even harder when you know that the person is facing difficult personal issues.  In addition, the fact that this situation is also ... Read More »

Interview with Edge to Epic

Edge to Epic offers all Canadian VARs, MSPs and ITSPs their membership benefits through VAR Office Suite. It is FREE. There is a variety of benefits ranging from health insurance to discounts on flights. For example, Small business owners with 5 employees or less, typically cannot get great deals on health insurance but through one of their programs fees start ... Read More »

Eight Keys To Building Better Relationships With Your Customers

Sales, one of the oldest professions in the world, and for thousands of years very little has changed. Traders ventured across the seas, across deserts and mountain ranges to obtain goods to bring back to their customers. The industrial revolution of the 19th Century started to alter the production of goods. Factories started to pump out products at an alarming ... Read More »

The 12 Rules Of Time

 1. Have goals Being more efficient with your time is irrelevant if you don’t know how you want to spend it. In managing time, the compass is more important than the clock. Know where you want to go and spend your time on the things that get you there. Many people spend energy trying to be more efficient without first ... Read More »