Cybercrime Costs Business More than $400B Annually

But the technology exists to keep financial information safe and create opportunities for positive economic growth and job creation, said McAfee’s CTO. Cybercrime is making a significant impact on economies around the world. So says a new McAfee-sponsored report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Dubbed “Net Losses — Estimating the Global Cost of Cybercrime,” the report ... Read More »

How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware?

What is Ramsomware? Imagine you left for a vacation and upon your return home, you find out that all your locks have been changed and there is a note on the door saying to pay $300 to get the key.  You look in through the locked windows, everything is there…but you can’t get in.  This is basically the situation some ... Read More »

If you ever want to see your customer again – don’t pay the ransom!

The Cryptolocker Trojan may not be the most evil malware out there, but it does come close.  Many VARs are using this unfortunate threat to have a conversation about backups, disaster recovery and business continuity. For those VARs looking to start an MSP model, or those MSPs who wish to add new layers of service to your business, think about ... Read More »

P.K. Subban is made for this. So are you!

Pernell Karl “P.K.” Subban is a professional Canadian ice hockey defenceman who currently plays for the Montreal Canadiens. He’s been the most electrifying player of these NHL (National Hockey League) playoffs. No one occupies the spotlight quite like P.K. Subban. These are his playoffs, we just get to watch. P.K. Subban was born to play hockey in the NHL. In ... Read More »

What are VARs and MSPs Thinking About BYOD, Cloud Services and Managed Services?

Major shifts in the landscape are changing in the way our customers are using the technologies we provide. It’s the VARs and MSPs that stay ahead of the curve that will carve out the greatest advantages and opportunities in this changing landscape. What is happening in our industry is similar to the decline of newspapers.  With the advent of new ... Read More »

How To Build A More Successful MSP/VAR Business

The implication of moving into a new business model with Cloud, Managed Services and BYOD, and using new tools to get the job done can be very unsettling.  However, the consequences of doing nothing will make the problem worse in the months ahead. There are many news articles and expert advice talking about the best practices for VARs, MSPs and ... Read More »

Coaching an effective sales team

Putting a good sales rep to work with a weak sales manager or a broken sales process or poor marketing or an overly complex CRM tool will yield poor sales results. Too often, employers put too much weight on the actual performance of the sales rep and overlook the tools and support that they need to help them get their jobs ... Read More »

Sales Rep Vs IT Consultant

The goal is basically the same for a sales rep and an IT Consultant. It is ultimately to sell something, but the approaches are not the same. More importantly, the results can be dramatically different. As you know, selling stuff that people ask for is the basic of all sales tasks. It is mainly about fulfilling demand that has already ... Read More »

Vendor Needs Vs Channel Needs

Vendors usually have two goals in the channel – recruiting new partners and empowering current partners to sell more. Regardless, the channel receives an onslaught of communications as vendors compete for who can yell the loudest. The channel has already tuned out most of this information overload to a point where it has simply become background “white noise”. With spam ... Read More »