Why should MSPs and VARs get a company Video?

Tell an exciting story of your company through video by posting it on your web site! It’s much more effective than just written words and pictures on your web site! Videos are everywhere on the Internet. Actually since TV and movies are also watched on the Internet, it seems likely that 90% of all Internet traffic will eventually be all ... Read More »

4 Habits of Strong Leaders

A client we were working with on sales process recently asked us: “How do you know if the implementation will stick?” When you’ve worked with enough clients, the answer is easy – the biggest predictor of success for any change initiative is the strength and dedication of the organization’s leader. So what makes a strong leader? Read on… The correlation ... Read More »

B2B Social Media ROI in the Tech Sector

Does social media work in the business-to-business space? This is a question I get asked daily. There are a lot of stats and case studies that prove and quantify the immense opportunity that social media represents to the B2B market, you just have to do a little digging to find them. One example is Avaya, a global provider of business ... Read More »

33 great tips on Social Selling

A few months ago, whilst reading a book called ‘Collaboration Economy’, something sparked in my brain. What if I could convince a group of ‘Social Selling Thought Leaders’, around the globe, to jointly collaborate in writing a short eBook about ‘Social Selling’. If I could convince them to do this, all the authors would have a fantastic resource to share ... Read More »

Migrating to an MSP model – Take the Leap!

So you are ready to take your business to the next level and migrate to an MSP model. You know that customers on a recurring revenue model will greatly increase the valuation of your company. Great, but where to start? Since each VAR has its own DNA, there is no magic recipe that will instantly convert your break/fix company into a ... Read More »

What Sets Smart IT Solutions Providers Apart?

In a sentence…they do everything possible to keep their business ahead of the competition. In talking with the owners of many successful solution providers, I find that they are always looking for ways to improve their business (e.g. save costs, reduce redundancy, improve customer service, build stronger supplier relationships, learn etc.). I get the feeling that they are more interested ... Read More »

Net-WORKING made Easy and Effective

Yes, networking takes work. Networking is not simply a matter of attending seminars and workshops, suffering through presentations and then being monopolized by one contact during cocktails. Networking should be premeditated, well executed and placed very high on your priority list if incredible success is your ultimate goal. Think about the last time someone recommended a good movie to you. ... Read More »

“Drunk to Sober” VAR in a 12-Step Program

Over the past couple of weeks, we outlined 12 steps that will help VARs, MSPs or ITSPs to build a stronger business. What you do with this information is entirely up to you. Ignoring it is one way, but hopefully some of the steps will ring a bell with you so you can start improving your business. If you are a ... Read More »

The Complete 12-step Program

Step 1: Web Presence It is obvious by now that your web site is the biggest window to showcase your company. You are what your web site says about you! As such, it should be as exciting as possible to present the strongest possible image of your company. Take a good hard look at your web site. Ask your colleagues, ... Read More »

12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 12 of 12)

Step 12: Coaching Your employees are the most valuable assets in your company. As such, keeping them up-to-speed with skills will only make your business stronger. The value of continued education and coaching should never be underestimated. Just this alone can motivate employees to work harder and stay longer. With the right coaching you can get new employees to hit ... Read More »