Interview with Autotask

Here is an interview with Len DiCostanzo, one of the most widely recognized figures in the IT industry with more than 25 years of experience in the channel. He joined Autotask in 2008. Len develops and nurtures Autotask’s strategic industry alliances around the world. He also works tirelessly to ensure the continued success of Autotask’s global client base by developing ... Read More »

Value-Added Selling – Part 4 of 4

Selling Benefits, Not Features In this final part of the series, I’ll discuss the importance of selling benefits instead of features and how to present your solution — the right solution — to your prospect. The value you add to the sales situation is demonstrated in various ways, many of which we already discussed in previous issues of this series. ... Read More »

Value-Added Selling – Part 3 of 4

Relationship Selling In this issue, Part 3, I’ll discuss the importance of building a relationship with your customer by becoming a trusted partner that can help them solve their problem. Today, customers are more sophisticated and knowledgeable. They are more skeptical and resistant to spend their hard-earned money. So they do research on what’s available, who the competitors are, the ... Read More »

Value-Added Selling – Part 2 of 4

Selling Your Company In this second issue, I’ll discuss the next step, which is when and how to “sell your company” to your prospect. The Elevator Pitch The first thing you need to do is develop a “Sell your company” statement, which helps position your company. This statement is typically referred to as an “Elevator Pitch” because it should be ... Read More »

Value-Added Selling – Part 1 of 4

Add value by first establishing credibility I would like to focus this article on Value-Added Selling. But this topic is big. In fact it’s so big that I am going to cover it in four parts. In this first installment, I will define Value-Added Selling and talk about how establishing credibility is an important first step in selling value to ... Read More »

How do you communicate today?

We have tried everything except pigeons to deliver information to the channel. It is a constant challenge, especially in the IT Industry, to connect with an actual person to communicate a message. There are over a dozen ways in which we communicate in the channel and we literally need all of them to get the job done. We learnt that ... Read More »

Is it time to fire some of your clients?

I love the 80/20 rule. The Pareto principle (80/20 rule) states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. How does this apply to your business? If you dig into your accounting (a great way to spend the week-end), you will eventually find out that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. Knowing this, you can ... Read More »

How to increase the sales from your current clients

Increasing the amount of sales from a client is probably the #1 objective of any VAR, MSP or ITSP. The question is how to do it. If you are already delivering upon all of their IT needs, then you have already succeeded. If not, read on… The key is to change the conversation from selling stuff into helping your client ... Read More »

Management By Subjective

Many organizations take advantage of a means of accomplishing things through a process popularized by Peter Drucker known as Management By Objective (MBO). This allows everyone to understand the company’s objectives, the means and process of achieving it, and the individual’s role and responsibility in delivering it. One by-products of MBO is the efficiencies gain through standardized processes. Most functional ... Read More »

Test your web site

It is easy to be subjective on a website. How do you really know if it is good or bad? You could ask your customers to browse and give some feedback or you could take the FuseExpertise Web Site Analysis to know exactly. FuseExpertise Web Analysis uses an automated testing facility that analyzes and scores your website against other sites. The ... Read More »