12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 9 of 12)

Step 9: Cloud Applications VARs need to find and build their suite of Cloud solutions to offer their clients. With over 2,000 Cloud apps and counting, it is not easy to pick the right partner. You also need to be careful of vendors that want to take away the ownership of your customer. You will want to look at a ... Read More »

12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 8 of 12)

Step 8: Electronic Quotes Quickly generating electronic quotes and sending to clients will drive more sales and faster closing cycles. The client will receive the e-quote and make adjustments before sending it back for processing. Quoting every sales inquiry will help you close more deals and better manage sales activities. It will also help you to build your customer prospect ... Read More »

12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 7 of 12)

Step 7: CRM CRM in your brain or e-mail system is not best practice. CRM is critical if you wish to leverage your customer base. It allows you to grow sales within current clients. Many have a CRM tool. Unfortunately, most have failed to get the results. The problem is in the adoption rates by sales people. If it requires ... Read More »

12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 6 of 12)

Step 6: Technical IT Assessments. Doing IT assessments are always a great way to uncover sales opportunities with your clients. You can easily leverage these tools and reports to open powerful conversations about deficiencies and risks in your client’s IT infrastructure. Launching a tool that will automatically extract all relevant data from a current network system will quickly identify the ... Read More »

12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 5 of 12)

Step 5: IT Professional Consultation and Business Assessments. If you really want to become a trusted business advisor to your clients then consider a tool that will help your sales and tech teams to be able to offer more professional business consultation. It is practically impossible for a human to evaluate all the needs of a business without the proper ... Read More »

4 Trends in CRM

You know you need to stay on top of the technological changes that are occurring rapidly in our world today. Let’s take a look at some trends occurring now in the customer relationship management space and predictions for the remainder of 2014.Customer-Centric FocusTaking a more customer-centric approach to business is not exactly new, but it’s certainly gaining ground with more ... Read More »

12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 4 of 12)

Step 4: Supply Chain Procurement. Hardware items are mostly low margins so you do need to reduce your touch points to make money. This process is now to a point where you can electronically push an order to a distributor for drop shipment to your end-user in less than five seconds. When you make the procurement of hardware more cost-effective, ... Read More »

The Consolidation Of Channel Tools

So you go into a restaurant and the waiter hands you a menu with 20 items. You want to order the fish but the waiter recommends that you order the chicken instead. He claims that it is the best dish that they have and you will love it! Sounds good, so you order the chicken…. Later, you found out that ... Read More »

12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 3 of 12)

Step 3: Service Ticketing Most VARs do some type of services so an automated service ticketing system will save a lot of time and keep clients satisfied. As you expand to a recurring revenue business model, you will want to have an efficient way of managing service requests, your team and reporting. You could go with full-blown professional service automation ... Read More »

12 Steps To Building A Super VAR (Step 2 of 12)

Step 2: Accounting Many VARs overlook their accounting system, but this is a mission-critical part of the business. If your current system has run its course, then it’s time to upgrade. Billing for services has to be on time, accurate and accountable. Mining business data to make better decisions will grow sales. Mobility aspects are also a big time-saver for ... Read More »