Small Business and Payroll – things you should know (Canada Only)

Payroll – a word that usually increases stress levels for the small business owner. After all, a small business is focused on keeping customers happy, managing staff and finding new clients. And as an entrepreneur, all you really want is a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re employing one or 50 employees, understanding the concept of payroll can be a difficult ... Read More »

Confessions of an IT one-man show

At one point, yes…I was a one-man show.  The allure of making more money per hour than working full-time has its appeal.  You imagine the Ferrari you will soon be able to afford to drive around town visiting your customers.  Alas, after a few months, reality sets in and you figure out a few important facts. In a typical 8 ... Read More »

Don’t Demo Yourself Out of a Sale

Using the product demo to help close a sale A product demonstration can be the killer of a sales opportunity. I’ve seen many a sales call go down in flames because the demo did not address the prospect’s main issues and pains. This usually happens when the Sales Process is either out of whack or non-existent. What often happens with ... Read More »

Getting to the Point – The Art of Show and Tell

How much time went into the layout, design and creation of your last power point presentation? I would wager several hours if you built it from scratch to several minutes if you simply edited a pre-existing slideshow.  And was that time spent on the logic of the material delivery or more on the actual ‘look’ of each slide? Did any ... Read More »

Do you have Business 20/20 Vision?

The year 2020 is 5 years away. How do you see yourself and your company in 5 years? Do you have a clear goal in mind that you can share with your team? If we don’t know what new product or service will come out in 6 month, some may say: Why bother? What do newspapers, Albert Einstein and Miley ... Read More »

Avoiding Voice Mail Hell

We love it because it lets us ignore calls we don’t want to take, or prepare for calls we’d rather not take right now. We hate it because it also lets our prospects do the exact same thing — including ignoring calls from us! Like all business tools, voice mail can be a double-edged sword. But the fact of the ... Read More »

How to develop and nurture trust with your customers

Smile When you smile you look your best. You look friendly. We are more likely to relax and smile back. Demonstrate active listening Look at them when they talk to you. Position your body to show that you are interested in what they say versus preparing to run away. Show that you can see it from their perspective This is ... Read More »

Measure Customer Profitability To Increase Your Profitability

How does a business measure the profitability of their customers? It’s not easy. You can look at what they just bought and compare the revenue from that sale to what your cost was to make that sale, resulting in your profit. Or you could consider what long term value that customer will have with you and compare that revenue with ... Read More »

Why should MSPs and VARs get a company Video?

Tell an exciting story of your company through video by posting it on your web site! It’s much more effective than just written words and pictures on your web site! Videos are everywhere on the Internet. Actually since TV and movies are also watched on the Internet, it seems likely that 90% of all Internet traffic will eventually be all ... Read More »

4 Habits of Strong Leaders

A client we were working with on sales process recently asked us: “How do you know if the implementation will stick?” When you’ve worked with enough clients, the answer is easy – the biggest predictor of success for any change initiative is the strength and dedication of the organization’s leader. So what makes a strong leader? Read on… The correlation ... Read More »