What’s in your New Year’s resolution?

Hopefully your New Year’s resolution includes being healthier and happier as in the end this is what really matters. On the prosperous side, typically I hear general goals like “grow my business” or “make more money”. Maybe you can consider making a simple resolution to improve your business every day in small steps. An improved business will eventually yield to ... Read More »

Time to reflect and ponder the New Year

As we wind down this year, we will tone down the stream of content that we typically publish to help you build your business. Instead, we suggest that you review the 150 + articles that we have published over the past year. Chances are you will find at least few things that you can use to improve your business in the ... Read More »

Handling Objections

Don’t let objections get in your way of closing the sale We need to prepare for the inevitable objections. You may get many or just a few objections about your product or company. Regardless of how many you get, there are specific techniques you can use to handle them. Here are 6 tips on how to handle objections. 1. Find ... Read More »

Can the channel benefit from Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

Here is an overview of Cryptocurrency and its implications in the cloud services industry What is “Bitcoin”? What is Cryptocurrency? A “bit” is the smallest, most basic unit of information for computers and information theory. It is also used as a reference to any small coin. A “coin” is a physical disc or piece used as money resulting from its ... Read More »

Marketing Benefits versus Feature

Will it make me late for dinner? Stop telling your customers about horsepower (feature) when they are concerned about missing dinner (benefit). One of the biggest marketing mistakes is to talk about features like horsepower when your customers only care about benefits like getting home for dinner. What are you marketing – Benefits or Features? Wake up and talk about ... Read More »


We use pauses in everyday speech, yet when we get up in front of a crowd our nervousness takes hold of our tongues and speeds things up making everything you’ve just said sound like one long sentence (sort of like this sentence, eh?) Try it with a friend over lunch. When you speak to them, don’t pause from one idea ... Read More »

Three Ways to Increase Sales

It seems that everyone is loaded with ideas on how to increase sales (so why shouldn’t I join the pack too?) Some of these ideas have to do with marketing tactics. Others deal with selling skills. And yet others have something to do with the phases of the moon and sacrificial goats. Most of these ideas are good and work ... Read More »

What Every Small Business Needs to Know about Payroll Tax Compliance (Canada Only)

It’s great to be your own boss, calling your own shots. There’s great satisfaction in pursuing your own dreams and passions. With that comes the responsibility and obligation to abide by certain rules and regulations. As a small business owner, managing finances properly is vital to your long-term success. . The repercussions of failing to manage your finances can be very significant ... Read More »

What’s in your business vision?

A “vision” is something that we hear business experts talk about all the time. What is your business vision? What do you want to be in 5 years? Many entrepreneurs just have general business visions like “I want to be rich or be the #1 company”. Your vision needs to be a balance somewhere between realistic and your dream. Most important ... Read More »

Awake the Marketer in You

Many IT Resellers are always contemplating how to best market their business. Unfortunately, most typically focus on existing relationships and hanging their business future on word-of-mouth. This old tactic has value, but it must be updated. Did you forget what it took to get your first customers, when you started your business? Most successful companies had to have done some ... Read More »