The Best Mistake Ever!

One of my kid’s favorite stories was Richard Scarry’s The Best Mistake Ever! It tells the story of a cat and a worm whose mistakes eventually worked out for the better. Who of us wants to admit a mistake? Who of us wants to admit a grandiose failure? As business owners, if we can’t admit mistakes or failure, how will we ... Read More »

Showdown Between Vendors and Channel Partners

Some Vendors are starting to understand that their objectives are not quite aligned with those of their channel partners. The gap can be huge and cause a lot of finger pointing. Vendors basically want to sell their products to the customers of their channel partners. However, the partners are not always transparent when it comes to allowing the Vendors to ... Read More »

Running Your IT Company From A Beach

Many IT VARs and MSPs joke about running their company from a beach somewhere in some paradise. I decided to do it. When people hear the story of how I lived in Mexico for 5 years and ran my Montreal IT company from there…they always ask: How did you do pull it off? It actually started with a joke…I leaned over to ... Read More »

How To Plan Time So I can Stay Highly Productive

I have learned that not all time is the same quality. In times when I am very alert, rested, focused and efficient, I can be three to five times as productive as other times. My goal is to have more of these highly productive hours. This harkens back to Stephen Covey’s Seventh rule of Highly Effective People – sharpening the ... Read More »

What’s in your LinkedIn?

For the first time ever, I decided to review all of my contacts on LinkedIn. I thought it would be good to wish everyone a Happy New Year and reconnect one-on-one. Unfortunately I had to take a break as after going through the first few hundred, I realized that it was taking a lot of time and effort. While I ... Read More »

Gestures Say it All

A gesture is a specific movement that reinforces a verbal message. A gesture can be made with the head, shoulders, and even your legs; however the majority involve your arms and hands, backed up by the right facial expression as well. Unfortunately nervousness tends to make the speaker’s hands fidgety. A speaker is unsure about what to do with their ... Read More »

Cool Hand Luke — Cool is not enough

Every entrepreneur should watch this movie at least three times. I watched Cool Hand Luke on TV the other night. It is an old movie (1967) staring Paul Newman in the lead role along with George Kennedy. There is an assortment of other actors who I recognized more by their voices than their very young faces – including Wayne Rogers ... Read More »

Everything to run your VAR, MSP or ITSP business

If you are like most businesses, you want to improve, grow and make more profits. To achieve these goals, you need to better streamline, manage and market your business. Easier said than done! The big challenge is how to do these tasks effectively. Here are two resources will help VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to get the job done right. 1. VAR Office Suite ... Read More »

How to develop and nurture trust with your customers

Smile. When you smile you look your best. You look friendly. We are more likely to relax and smile back. Demonstrate active listening Look at them when they talk to you. Position your body to show that you are interested in what they say versus preparing to run away. Show that you can see it from their perspective. This is ... Read More »