Kris Nagamootoo from CompTIA in The NEWS

CompTIA delivers to the channel three core features. First, networking by bringing the community together, second research to understand where the industry is heading and finally resources by providing business guides and playbooks to help grow your business. Click on the video below to learn more. Read More »

How well are you running your IT business to remain successful in the future?

Two of the biggest challenges facing most VARs, MSPs and Solution Providers are to streamline their business processes and better manage their companies. Simply put, the way these companies operate and are managed will directly impact their success and future. Implementing best practices is the obvious solution, but how do you do it? How does your current business practices compare to the best? Do you really know your strengths and ... Read More »

Prakash Chaudhari from MSP1 in The NEWS

MSPs and VARs see a value-added benefit to outsource NOC services. MSP1 noticed that shared services NOC are decreasing, since MSPs and VARs want to customize their processes in order to deliver customize services and solutions to their customers. This is why MSP1 provides dedicated NOC services that you can outsource, however still be able to customize processes, attain control ... Read More »

Adam Nash from Webroot in The NEWS

Webroot sells cloud-based security solutions for the managed space and businesses, such as anti-virus, web filtering and mobile security. Webroot offers value to VARs and MSPs by giving the proper training and helping to market their products with a differentiated solution. Watch the full interview below. Read More »

Alex Tatham from Westcoast in The NEWS

Westcoast is an IT distributor based in the UK for many vendors and customers. This company offers complete solutions and focuses on cutting cost out of the supply chain process to ensure your business can operate efficiently and profitably. Check the video to learn more about Westcoast. Read More »

Andrew Stuart from Datto in The NEWS

Datto provides the technology and the support to help partners achieve success. More so, the company emphasizes on building strong relationships to ensure that partners can grow their business successfully. Watch the full video to learn more! Read More »

The Reality Of Prospecting and Rejection

Talk to any group of sales people and ask why they don’t like prospecting, specifically cold calling, and rejection is at the top of the list. In actual fact, it should say fear of rejection, because all too often they don’t even get around to making the calls to be rejected, the fear of it prevents them from picking up ... Read More »

Britain’s channel partners get a big boost in their business

Fifteen channel leaders… Seventeen channel educational sessions…Three Mastermind taster sessions…Five social networking activities…One power panel discussion on channel future-proofing…Two days…It all added up to one valuable experience for the channel partners who attended the recent VARTrends/Transmentum event in Milton Keynes, UK, on March 1-2. It’s a new type of channel partner event in Britain that’s designed to help VARs and ... Read More »

The Perils of Perfection

“Success: Fall down seven times. Get up eight.”~ Chinese Proverb Live performances are incredible events. I’ve always admired the ability of live performers to put on flawless performances – or are they REALLY flawless? Imagine for a moment that the big “production” has come to town. You want to take that special someone out for a fantastic evening so you’ve ... Read More »

Are you optimistic or pessimistic on the IT Market?

At a recent CompTIA event in Toronto, the results from their IT growth forecast survey revealed that the USA projected 4.7%, Canada 3.7% and UK 4.9% growth. The global average was 4.9%. If the numbers are correct, it looks like the channel is expecting to grow in all countries (From left to right: Danny Deganis, Julian Lee,  Tamer Farag, Bredan ... Read More »