ChannelCON 2016…Test your strength with the 50 Best Managed IT Companies Business Assessment

If you are going to CompTIA’s ChannelCON event on August 1-3 in Hollywood, Florida, you are most welcome to drop by the TechnoPlanet eChannelNEWS kiosk #7 in the media lounge to say hello and get a free door hanger “DO NOT DISTURB, I am BUSY improving my business” :o). Here are the 5 things we are highlighting at the conference… ... Read More »

Alex Tatham of WestCoast in the NEWS

Westcoast is one of the largest distributors in the UK. It has recently made two major acquisitions. The first one being a large format and 3D printing Nottingham-based distributor ArtSystems. With this acquisition, Westcoast will create a print services center in order to be able to service a whole range of print resellers and vendors. 3D printing is still a ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella talks Digital Transformation at WPC in Toronto

Microsoft’s WPC conference kicked off in Toronto with Satya Nadella’s opening message “Businesses desire to use digital technology to predict outcomes, empower their employees and transform their products”. Companies are currently building digital technologies of their own to transform in the digital era. IT represents 5 % of GDP and growing at 8%. Wherever there is operating expenses there are big ... Read More »

Rupert Collier from Paessler in the NEWS

Paessler is a single product company that started in 1997 and grown to over 160 people, located all around the globe.  Their solution provides IT administrators with the tools they need to monitor and maintain up-time.  It appeals to lots of different types of resellers, MSPs and smaller VARs.  The solution has a very intuitive interface, like a “consumer-style” for ... Read More »

Leading MSP business coach, Adam Harris talks about assessing your business to become bigger, better and stronger

Adam Harris is one of the founders of Transmentum, a business coaching company that helps MSPs to grow and succeed.  Interesting fact about the origin of Transmentum’s name…  Comes from Transition and Momentum combined into two. A lot of traditional VARs have gone to the MSP successfully and some have stagnated because they did it late or needed different tools.  ... Read More »

How important is leadership, really?

In many ways everything seems to start with leadership. Good employees only follow good leaders unless they are just in it for the paycheck. I think it was Richard Branson who said that you should train people so they can leave, but threat them well enough that they will want to stay. Some of my employees have been with me ... Read More »

Adam Nash from Webroot in the NEWS

After the high profile data breaches from many organizations, it is definitely a growing market for security companies. The threats are real.  No one is surprised anymore. It’s becoming the norm.  Malware is now morphing and changes every time it runs.  Webroot makes sure you put in place measures in your environment for protection through education, best practices around passwords, ... Read More »

7 Ways To Develop Momentum And Get Things Done

One thing that I learned from bicycle racing (actually, I am not much of a bicycle racer but I do triathlons – biking needs work) is the power of momentum. In bicycle racing the way to do better and use less energy is to pedal very, very fast and powerfully to start with, give it 120% and once you are ... Read More »

What could happen in UK technology channel as the country is about to exit from the EU?

The picture above is the Brough castle that I saw on my recent trip in the UK that I randomly found while taking a wrong turn on my journey. In 1521 the castle was burnt down from a “Christmas party” and was left in ruins until 140 years after when it was fully restored. Later, the castle was destroyed again ... Read More »