How CRM Can Solve the Challenges of Managing Partner Relationships

This article focuses on PRM – Partner Relationship Management – and the many challenges vendor organizations face during the process of finding, on-boarding and managing successful partners. We will be focusing on how CRM can be leveraged to make this job much easier. In my educational work on PRM with Adxstudio, the leading supplier of portals for the Dynamics CRM marketplace, ... Read More »

How to Describe What You Do

Imagine that you have just been introduced to someone – at a party, a business event, or even a child’s soccer match. When you’re asked what you do for a living, what is your response? If you’re too vague about your job title, you might shut down the conversation, but if you talk too long you’ll bore them with the ... Read More »

It’s the Right Time to Beat the Competition

Once summer knocks at our door, vacation is what we envision. There is a way to break this paradigm. Keep Going The best time to reach out to potential employees is during the summer season;people are more available and more relaxed. Don’t allow yourself to slow down because you think everybody else does. Many employees are not vacationing during the ... Read More »

Cutting through the hype in Mobility!

During the past few years the IT industry has experienced tremendous growth, making great strides in improving how we manage our businesses and business teams today. The most frustrating aspect of this wonderful journey has been what I describe as “marketing stagnation of growth” – when marketing is used to convince customers that what they are being offered is the ... Read More »

Building Better VARs and MSPs

There are about a dozen different names that companies who sell IT solutions to end-users like to be called. VARs, MSPs and ITSPs seem to be the top three. Regardless of what you prefer to be called, we know that they are about 30 moving parts that make up a successful VAR, MSP and ITSP company. Every day, we do ... Read More »

How not to start your speech: 10 Roads to Disaster

Preparing a speech can be like sculpting. You keep removing the excess clay until you have your work of art. If you want to start your presentation with a bang instead of a bust avoid these ten mistakes. These tips will show you how not to start your speech. 1. You like me, you really like me Sally Fields did ... Read More »

The 2.5 Rule of Public Speaking

I was introduced to public speaking in the fall of 1978. My ninth grade teacher had instructed us to write a speech about “Family Dynamics” which we would all have to recite to the class. Having never done this before I eagerly set out to construct the best speech ever. When the big day arrived I wasn’t nervous at all—not ... Read More »

Price – What’s in a Number?

Avoiding the price trap takes work, but what if in sales does not? Using our EDGE model, with the focus on ZONE Based Selling, provides a process and framework for managing this. At its core is a simple concept, make the discussion around numbers relative to the value to be realized, the impact you can deliver, not relative to the ... Read More »

Hire As a Marketer Not A Recruiter

2014 was declared the Year Of The New Hire More than ever before, to have the tools and resources to better manage the process of hiring employees is essential for small businesses to succeed and grow in 2014 and beyond. First, you need to set the stage for hiring success. Make Time To Develop Your Employer Brand One of the ... Read More »