Closing a BDR sale

Here is a tip, but use with caution and do not hold me responsible unless it actually works successfully for you :o) … When you present a BDR solution to your customers and they do not seem interested to buy, try asking them if they would mind sending or signing an acknowledgement that you have informed them of the business risk ... Read More »

What goes in to making a great IT Conference?

If you are like me, you have attended many conferences so you instinctively know what’s good and bad about an event. The one thing that we all seem to dislike is dreadful presentations that are boring sales pitches, especially when it’s about speeds and feeds. Today, there is really no excuse for poor presentations.   Here are 16 things that ... Read More »

Mark Ebata from Epson in The NEWS

Epson just launched a new line of monochrome printers. The great advantage for VARs and MSPs to go with these printers is the low cost per page. Also, all printers work with the biggest three managed print services offering out there, which allows to collect all the data and report back to the software (number of pages printed, amount of ... Read More »

Michael DePalma from Datto in The NEWS

Datto focuses on the SMB market. The company is evolving by launching larger devices as well as expanding their virtual products with a lot of R&D. Datto values channel partnerships by being channel only and by giving the right resources to sell and support the products. Watch the full interview to learn more. Read More »

Great business building content for VARs and MSPs

Just back from the ChannelNEXT East two-day conference that was jam-packed with fantastic content to help VARs and MSPs build a bigger, better and stronger business. We got a lot of thumbs-up from the attendees! You can see all of the video coverage on Here is a brief recap of what happened at ChannelNEXT: 1. The panel speakers Matthew Koenig from RapidFire, Randal Wark from VARMasterMind, ... Read More »

Why conferences matter more than ever?

Just meeting and exchanging ideas with your peers can be reason enough to attend a conference. Listening to industry leaders and experts could inspire you to build a bigger, better and stronger business. If you come with an open mind and a desire to learn and network with other people, you would be amazed about what you can uncover at ... Read More »

Mark Monro from StorageCraft in The NEWS

StorageCraft Technology offers backup software and disaster recovery solutions. A valuable differentiator in their solution is its flexibility by allowing the partners to bring their own cloud. Ultimately, they provide VARs and MSPs with tools in order to deliver business continuity to their customers. See the full interview below.   Read More »

A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool

Any Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or Professional Services Automation (PSA) software you implement in your organization should enable or enhance a business process. Unfortunately, many VARs and MSPs mistakenly believe that the RMM/ PSA software itself is the solution, when in reality, the software is at best 10 percent of the value equation—the other 90 percent is based on ... Read More »

Eric Torres from Datto in The NEWS

Datto provides backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. They focus on traditional causes such as natural disasters but emphasize as well on human induced disasters that MSPs and VARs cannot avoid. Their solution can get you back up and running and eliminate any downtime. Watch the full interview to learn more. Read More »

What’s the secret to building a “recurring revenue” MSP business? Learn it on April 27th at 3PM (UK Time) from wherever you are!

You may think it will require rethinking everything you do, but you would be wrong. Successful MSPs know that it is a journey and as with every journey, it takes the first step. There are actually 5 levels of being a successful MSP! It is not easy, but it is possible! As you progress, you enhance your business accordingly, step by ... Read More »