Avalanche of business building content at the recent VARTrends Channel Partner Summit in the UK

Over two long days, VARs and MSPs were provided a massive dose of business building content including these 10 things… 1. Trends to future-proof your business. What must every VAR and MSP know and do to remain relevant in the future? I presented 12 trends that are driving the channel business as well as some tips that VARs and MSPs can use ... Read More »

Eric Cardinale from GLYPH in the NEWS

These days we mostly hear about Cloud storage, but the need for on-premise storage is huge, especially for critical and sensitive data. Ever tried restoring massive files from the Cloud? You will have time for very long naps! In our interview, Eric talks about their new physical storage products: rugged hard drive, using new USBC, with fast throughput and transfer ... Read More »

Lincoln Vaz from InFocus in the NEWS

Yes, hardware is still being sold everywhere. As a matter of fact, hardware products have never been better and more affordable. InFocus seems to be on the right track. I spoke to Country Manager and long time industry veteran Lincoln Vaz about his  product selection ranging from projection solutions and touch-screen displays with built-in whiteboard, casting and a browser.  Also ... Read More »

If you want to rock your sales team to the core, you need to have a conversation with Rick McCutcheon

The lifeblood of any company is sales. Every company wants more sales.  Wanting is nice, but not enough. You need to do the right things to make sales happen and its not getting easier in a very noisy world and competition is only one click away. Rick is offering two-day advanced selling skills program designed specifically for technology resellers, covering ... Read More »

What the BORG taught me about business

The Borg may not have had refined social skills when it came to communicating, but they were on to something when they said: “Resistance is Futile” In business, resistance can either be a hindrance or an asset. For the vast majority, resistance is futile because it paralyses them into submission and prevents from doing what needs to be done to ... Read More »

Troy Cheeseman of Data Deposit Box in the NEWS

The data disaster recovery company is busy expanding across North America, UK and Australia.  Their latest product is a local recovery device with key technology available in a hybrid cloud environment.  A unique offering at a true SMB price.  Compatible with iOs and Android.  New feature announced, LiveLink to deliver secure real time access to data on any device. This ... Read More »

David McCreath of Capella Communications in the NEWS

Capella is a telecom distributor for Teo Technologies and is looking to build  a channel for their unified communications suite. The TEO solution is a solid VOIP product with giant customers.  The really interesting part is the revenue opportunity…It’s rich! Watch the video for details Read More »

Get that sale with focus on people, process and technology

The competition to sell technological solutions is fierce. Everyone has their spin. Every product has its benefits. But it’s about building that comfort with a client that a product or service is right for them that’s the challenge. Three basic kinds of information goes a long way to help “seal the deal.” Simply put, it’s all about people, process and ... Read More »

Matthew Koenig of RapidFire Tools In The NEWS

Every sales person wants to sell more. Every sales manager wants their sales team to sell more. Every business owner wants to sell more. Mattnew says that if you start by offering the end-user to do a free assessment of their IT situation, then you will automatically uncover new sales opportunities! You can easily do IT & Compliance Assessments with ... Read More »

People to People Relationships Matter in the Channel

Regardless of what you believe about the channel and the need for relationships between the channel and vendors, there is one thing that we can all agree on – the channel has deeper and better relationships with the vast majority of the end-users who buy IT. It does not matter how big the vendor becomes, there will always be a ... Read More »