Cloudy with a 99% Chance of Sales

“Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away…” Has your company seen sunnier days? Are you struggling to meet your sales forecasting goals? Well, with cloud computing, the chance of sun and sales has just increased. So go find some shade, because you sure are going to need it! What is cloud computing you might ask (as if you do not already ... Read More »

Hack Your Brain and Increase Revenue Part 2

Hopefully, you now are in the habit of waking 15 minutes earlier, not checking email, and doing some activity were you’re building yourself up. We are now ready to add one more activity to your morning routine. When I first heard of journaling, I associated it with a diary, which is completely wrong. I’m happily married, so I’m not going ... Read More »

What does the CRM Stats from 2014 Reveal?

If you aren’t using your company’s CRM, you may have a list of reasons why. However, for organizations that have dialed in their preferences, CRM is of great use. In fact, the mobile CRM industry is expected to be a $36.5 billion market throughout the world within the next three years, according to Forbes, so obviously, there is something to ... Read More »

How does mobile access to data make for a great customer experience?

When most people think about good customer service, they think about their employees trying harder to please their customers. While part of a great customer experience relies on the customer service rep’s motivation and training, in most cases it turns out to only be a small part. We’ve all had the terrible customer service experience with our bank, wireless, or ... Read More »

Hack your Brain and Increase Revenue Part I

There are a few easy things we do to help customers speed up their computers. We can add more RAM or swap out the traditional drive for an SSD. If I could change my brain for an SSD and double the RAM…I would be first in line. Until then, there are many ways that we can tweak the hardware we ... Read More »

Multiply Your Efforts Through Delegation

Management is all about working through individuals and groups to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. To do this requires delegation. But everyone has an excuse for not delegating. Here are some of the common ones: I don’t know if I can trust her to do it. He isn’t qualified to do it. • She doesn’t want any added responsibilities. • ... Read More »

3 techniques to increase the likelihood of hitting your labor utilization targets

Achieve improved labor utilization by fixing labor utilization leaks Two thirds of professional services businesses target 80% billable labor utilization but less than 25% actually achieve that target. On the surface, it sounds simple; maximizing billable utilization should just be a matter of: Selling enough to keep your service techs busy Tracking direct and indirect time accurately Identifying any unnecessary ... Read More »

Close the Sale, Not the Door!

Master the science of good closing. The Close doesn’t have to be a big event that’s intimidating or uncomfortable for the prospect and the sales person. It shouldn’t be treated as a major occasion that you approach after overcoming painful hurdles and then confront the prospect in an adversarial way. The Close is actually the opening of a new relationship ... Read More »

Putting a Priority on Your Time

Where does all the time go? Long hours. Late nights. Snatched lunches. Some people boast about their overwhelming work schedule as if it’s a badge of honor: “I start work at 7:00 a.m. and work right though until 8:00 p.m.” Often their Herculean claims border on the absurd. “Last night I went to bed at three a.m. and had to ... Read More »

Seven Early Warning Signals of Ineffective Sales

Stop losing business by taking heed to these signals. No one is perfect, and no business is either. So it stands to reason that individual components of a business may not be perfect either. Specifically, this could mean that your sales department and sales processes could use some tuning as well. Consider these seven early warning signals and see if ... Read More »