Managing Channel Sales – Whose customer is it anyway?

Customers are simple right? When you get a new customer, you set them up, do the work and then bill them. You know who they are, they know who you are, simple. However, when an intermediary (e.g. a VAR) becomes involved, life starts to get more complex and the decisions stack up. Is the reseller your customer or the reseller’s ... Read More »

Which channel events should I attend this year?

As a VAR or MSP, the big question is always which events should I attend this year? Taking time off from our business to attend a conference is always a challenge, but choosing the right ones can be very beneficial. I have been an attendee at the ChannelNext events since the first one in St-Sauveur (Quebec) in 2004. Out of ... Read More »

7 ways to take social media to the next level

Social media continues to expand at a dizzying pace. Most businesses are aware of the need to be on social media, are making strides to be consistent and share valuable content but signing up to these online social properties is not simply enough. Below are 7 ways you can take your social media to the next level for your business ... Read More »

Tips for Handling Questions with Authority

At some point in your presentation you will be expected to answer questions from your audience. They might have some burning questions that need to be answered before they buy into your message. Handling their questions with authority can make the difference for you between a successful presentation and a waste of time. This is the opportunity for the audience ... Read More »

Would you Rather Have a Great Product or a Great Sales Force?

Jonathan Farrington interviews Etien D’Hollander, Founder & CEO of Front Row Solutions During a recent conversation with Etien D’Hollander, that is the question he asked me, and before I had the opportunity to respond he said, “When that question was first asked of me, I answered without hesitation – a great sales force – and thought the answer was obvious. ... Read More »

The Relationship Between Sales Management and Sales Forecasting

Sales managers have an important role. Not only must they manage sales representatives, but they need to know everything that the reps are doing in order to make informed decisions about the future. The decisions that they make are critical, and they can often be held accountable for making the wrong choice. Sometimes, the reason why a wrong choice was ... Read More »

How MSPs can get the most out of IT Channel Events

The tradeshow season is upon us and it’s important for MSPs and VARs to get the most out their experience at industry events. It’s a learned skill and takes some preparation and effort to capitalize effectively on these shows. I have put together a list of tips that MSPs can use to get the most out of attending IT Channel ... Read More »

Cloudy with a 99% Chance of Sales

“Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away…” Has your company seen sunnier days? Are you struggling to meet your sales forecasting goals? Well, with cloud computing, the chance of sun and sales has just increased. So go find some shade, because you sure are going to need it! What is cloud computing you might ask (as if you do not already ... Read More »

Hack Your Brain and Increase Revenue Part 2

Hopefully, you now are in the habit of waking 15 minutes earlier, not checking email, and doing some activity were you’re building yourself up. We are now ready to add one more activity to your morning routine. When I first heard of journaling, I associated it with a diary, which is completely wrong. I’m happily married, so I’m not going ... Read More »