Guerilla versus Gorilla-Small Companies Can Win

If you are in a business where some of the competitors are much larger, you may be able to benefit from using guerilla tactics. The principles of running a guerrilla organization differ from running a gorilla organization. As a guerrilla, we hide from our competitor; we do not try to crush them. I even go so far as to examine ... Read More »

Team Selling

There’s no “I” in Team, but there’s a “ME” in there! You’ve heard the saying before that there is no “I” in team. And that’s true. A team is a collection of people working toward the same goal with the single objective of successfully reaching a satisfied conclusion. However, when you’re a sales rep there’s a slightly different spin on ... Read More »

Avoid the Certainty Trap

“Man with open mouth waits long time for roast duck to fly in. A while ago a prospective client approached me to explore hiring me as a coach. He wanted advice: an opportunity had come his way and he just couldn’t figure out if he should take it or not. Steve is extremely bright. Turns out he had been working ... Read More »

Part 3 of 3: Are your skilled resources focusing on delivering an exceptional experience to your customers – not just a service?

In part 3, we consider the shifting customer expectations of MSPs and how you must ensure you are appropriately resourced to not just meet but exceed these. The new customer expectations As the managed services market matures, elements of service that were formerly competitive differentiators when offered by MSPs and valued as ‘nice to have’ by their clients are increasingly ... Read More »

Getting to the Point – The Art of Show and Tell

How much time went into the layout, design and creation of your last power point presentation? I would wager several hours if you built it from scratch to several minutes if you simply edited a pre-existing slideshow. And was that time spent on the logic of the material delivery or more on the actual ‘look’ of each slide? Did any ... Read More »

Do you know how much your resources are really costing you? Part 2 of 2 Does lack of relevant resource mean you are missing out on the new high-value opportunities?

In Part 2, we look at how you should be offering higher-margin services in some of the IT areas causing most concern today – cloud, big data and security, for example. These are the areas where companies readily admit to needing outside help. Meeting these needs will enable you to increase revenues, drive the growth of your MSP business and ... Read More »

The Well Placed Pause

We use pauses in everyday speech, yet when we get up in front of a crowd our nervousness takes hold of our tongues and speeds things up making everything you’ve just said sound like one long sentence (sort of like this sentence, eh?) Try it with a friend over lunch. When you speak to them, don’t pause from one idea ... Read More »

Penetrating Other Departments

How to sell deeper into your existing client’s business I received a call from a sales executive (let’s call him Carl) recently about a dilemma he was having. He said, “Russ, I have a great suite of products and services that can address the needs of various departments and functions within a company. But once I get the first sale ... Read More »

Your Problem Isn’t The Problem

In a remote village in China hundreds of years ago there lived a wise farmer and his son. The wise farmer was respected in the village and also admired, for he owned a beautiful stallion. One day, the stallion ran away. The villagers flocked to the old farmer’s home and offered sympathies over the farmer’s loss. “Oh poor farmer, you ... Read More »