David McCreath of Capella Communications in the NEWS

Capella is a telecom distributor for Teo Technologies and is looking to build  a channel for their unified communications suite. The TEO solution is a solid VOIP product with giant customers.  The really interesting part is the revenue opportunity…It’s rich! Watch the video for details Read More »

Get that sale with focus on people, process and technology

The competition to sell technological solutions is fierce. Everyone has their spin. Every product has its benefits. But it’s about building that comfort with a client that a product or service is right for them that’s the challenge. Three basic kinds of information goes a long way to help “seal the deal.” Simply put, it’s all about people, process and ... Read More »

Matthew Koenig of RapidFire Tools In The NEWS

Every sales person wants to sell more. Every sales manager wants their sales team to sell more. Every business owner wants to sell more. Mattnew says that if you start by offering the end-user to do a free assessment of their IT situation, then you will automatically uncover new sales opportunities! You can easily do IT & Compliance Assessments with ... Read More »

People to People Relationships Matter in the Channel

Regardless of what you believe about the channel and the need for relationships between the channel and vendors, there is one thing that we can all agree on – the channel has deeper and better relationships with the vast majority of the end-users who buy IT. It does not matter how big the vendor becomes, there will always be a ... Read More »

Do you make decisions based on actual data or opinions?

There is a sea of research data everywhere and if you wait long enough, the numbers seems to change. Good research data that is up-to-date is not easy to find. GFK does a lot of research in the IT channel so I am looking forward to Carl West’s presentation on the UK and European markets. It will be interesting to ... Read More »

Three speakers that may change your life or at least, make you more money

We always try to find speakers with relevant content that will deliver outstanding value to our audience. At this upcoming channel conference on June 21-22 in Hinckley Island, I think we will over-deliver on that promise. Molly Harvey is a best-selling author of 8 books, with 21+ years experience of engaging people, companies and communities. She speaks to corporations around ... Read More »

Can peer groups help VARs and MSPs to build a stronger business?

The short answer is yes! But, when you add the guidance of professional business coaches to ensure that the job gets done right and on time, then the results are much bigger, better and faster! VARs and MSPs should always exploit networking opportunities to connect with their peers. This could easily be half of the value that they get from ... Read More »

Symantec buys BlueCoat for just over $4.6 Billion

With the acquisition of Blue Coat, Symantec will enhance its leadership cybersecurity by protecting customers against more cyber threats, with best-in-breed protection, detection and remediation across endpoint, email, web, network and servers. This transaction will combine Symantec’s leading threat telemetry with Blue Coat’s networks and cloud security offerings to provide differentiated security solutions across hundreds of millions of endpoints and ... Read More »

HP Channel Team in the NEWS

As the company’s two-company split settles down, the HP team is stepping up their efforts in the channel on several fronts. They also showcased some of their latest products including the HP1012, a detachable tablet and notebook in one, HP1030, a super thin notebook and the new X3 phablet coming this fall. Also talked about some innovations in spiff programs ... Read More »

Sammy Liu from Taknology in the NEWS

Taknology is a Canadian distributor for peripheral-type products like Canon, Epson, Brother and Casio. When sourcing products, smaller distributors can give you a higher level of service and support. Spreading your purchases and credit lines can be wise. Check them out to see if they can be a fit for you. Taknology has a showroom for resellers to check out ... Read More »