Reaching Customers where Traditional Marketing Can’t (Won’t?)

As marketers we’re on the forefront of reaching the pipeline of new customers and turning those customers into leads for our businesses. However, the pipeline is becoming more difficult to access as customers are looking to actively avoid sites that feature pitches and sponsored content. The Chrome Extension Adblock has over 40 million users and that’s just one of literally ... Read More »

How to get the most value from attending a conference

It’s not too difficult to tell which exhibitors or attendees will get big value from a conference. You can see it in their openness to connect. They are well prepared. They ask questions. They reach out to meet people. They put themselves in the middle of the action. They come open to learn and explore. They are curious and excited ... Read More »

Do You Need Traction, Growth Or Optimization?

There are mainly three things that VARs and MSPs want to achieve with their business, depending on their current position. 1. Traction: Getting some traction and start moving in the right direction…UP! 2. Growth: Growing your business and dealing with the growing pains. 3. Optimization: Strengthening the core aspects of your business and becoming a leader to bring your vision ... Read More »

Can the IT channel sell more VoIP?

The short answer is yes! More businesses use VoIP for telecommunications than ever. Why not get your piece of that lucrative technology business? The bigger question is which VoIP vendors should the channel sell and why? On May 16-17, you can find the answers to these and other questions from two of the best VoIP solutions on the market. Smart ... Read More »

The most complete Office 365 partner experience

When it comes to adding the Cloud to their business model, many MSPs and VARs have a hard time figuring out how to position themselves in this new market. SherWeb’s partner program may have the answer to help VARs and MSPs become successful Cloud Resellers…Their channel program is loaded with  information and tools they need to become successful in Cloud. ... Read More »

Debunking Managed Services Myths

Being a MSP is not easy nor is it impossible. When you understand the facts, it becomes much easier. You just need to find a good starting point and build from there. The goal is sustainable and predictable recurring revenue. No doubt, the transition from being a VAR to becoming an MSP or VAR/MSP hybrid can be tough. Endpoint Security ... Read More »

Steven Hsu from Nirix in The NEWS

Nirix is a Canadian based cloud service provider and offers 7 different cloud services for MSPs and VARs. The top 3 solutions are desktop as a service, disaster recovery as a service as well as Windows and Linux server hosting offering. Also, all of the cloud services and infrastructures can be offered to your customers under your own company brand. ... Read More »

Closing a BDR sale

Here is a tip, but use with caution and do not hold me responsible unless it actually works successfully for you :o) … When you present a BDR solution to your customers and they do not seem interested to buy, try asking them if they would mind sending or signing an acknowledgement that you have informed them of the business risk ... Read More »