Market Yourself as The Expert

As a small business how do you compete with the big guys and their big budget advertising campaign? The big guys don’t read this magazine so we can share these low budget yet high-impact marketing secrets with you. Use these tips to market yourself as the expert in your field. Write tips sheets – for your clients, prospects and the ... Read More »

Managed Print or Scorpion Farming?

Imagine you are a car salesman. You sell a car to one of your good customers and make a nice commission for your time. Normally, you need to wait a few years for that customer to buy again before you can make more revenue. Think how it would feel to start receiving a monthly check because every time your customer ... Read More »

Tips for selling more IT Security Solutions

A VAR asked me for some advice on how he could convince more of his clients to invest in improving their data security. He said that he was getting the brush-off by the majority of his clients even though he was convinced that their security had serious deficiencies. He kept on working the objection-handling route and still he did not ... Read More »

3 Things a Leader Must Never Do in the Company Address

Exceptional leaders will address the entire company at least four times a year. Exceptional managers will do the same within their departments. These people understand that more than anything else, their job is to set the vision for the company and embed it in the minds and hearts of the employees. We’ve seen brilliant examples of these presentations from the ... Read More »

There is no “I” in IT

Technically…there is an “I” in IT, but you get the point. Success in our industry is all about finding the right partners, whether it’s a supplier or a fellow VAR/MSP that may complement our service offerings. There are some who try to do it all, from break & fix to VoIP with everything under the sun in between. “Jack of ... Read More »

What project scope creep and dieting have in common

We’ve all heard our project managers utter the exasperated phrase, “How did my project get so fat!?!” And they make the same face we all do. That look of surprise, when all of a sudden our favorite pants or shirt are too tight. How could this have possibly happened? What went wrong? I call this the “one little donut” problem. ... Read More »

Building a Stronger Partner Channel

Since our recent Channel Manager Summit, several vendors have been reaching out to me for some advice on what they should do to build a bigger, better and stronger channel business. Here are 2,611 words that I would like to share with vendors as well as channel partners (VARs, MSPs and ITSPs should also take note as they play a ... Read More »

Is the Internet putting an End to Relationship Selling?

Sales, is is known as one of the oldest professions and for some cases not much change for thousands of years. Traders once ventured across the seas, across deserts and mountain ranges to obtain goods to bring back to their local markets. hot Then the industrial revolution of the 19th century started to alter the production of goods. Factories started ... Read More »

Measuring Customer Profitability

How does a business measure the profitability of their customers? It’s not easy. You can look at what they just bought and compare the revenue from that sale to what your cost was to make that sale, resulting in your profit. Or you could consider what long term value that customer will have with you and compare that revenue with ... Read More »