Why buy a rugged device when I can get an Apple tablet with a $100.00 military grade case

I saw this comment on LinkedIn and though I should share my response with the VARCoach group. At the start of the mobility revolution, Apple iPads was the device of choice. It is sexy, easy to use and relatively cheap!!…. Is it!!?? Restaurants, clothing stores, boutiques, coffee shops, sales teams, service technicians and the list goes on, succumbed to the lure ... Read More »

Are vendors in tune with today’s channel partners?

At the recent Channel Manager Summit in Toronto, a panel of four leading VARs and MSPs had the opportunity to explain how they are doing business today and how it is best for vendors and distributors to fit into their new model. It became very clear that the next generation of VARs and MSPs did not like what many vendors ... Read More »

Handling Angry Customers

We’ve all had the joy of being faced with an angry customer for one reason or another. Sometimes it is something your company has done to upset him; such as a late delivery, poor service, a flawed product or a billing problem. Sometimes it’s something you did or didn’t do personally; such as forgot to follow up, messed up his ... Read More »

Prakash Chaudhari from MSP1 Services in The NEWS

MSP1 associates with MSPs and VARs who are looking for a partner in NOC services. A Network Operation Center is a delivery center, which is in operation 24/7 and 365 days, from which remote monitoring of your IT infrastructure happens. All of the services are completely white labeled, which allows to build transparency with the end customer. Read More »

2015 Reseller Choice Awards…and the winners are…

The 9th Annual Reseller Choice Awards, held last night, marked the dawn of a new era as the next generation of IT companies took some of the top spots, challenging all of the big brands. Datto was the big winner, scooping up six awards including Best Overall Vendor. The relatively new company recently reached a market valuation of one billion. It also ... Read More »

Matthew Asser from 4Growth in The NEWS

4Growth helps businesses grow through sales effectiveness. This company works with VARs and MSPs by looking at the effectiveness of the sales organization through their SEAT System. This Sales Effectiveness Analysis and Technology System is a combination of technology and experience, which assesses the pipeline and large opportunities. Read More »

Should you offer anything of value for free to prospects?

We have all heard, nothing in life is free. Why should anyone give you something for nothing? Many companies offer stuff for free, but mostly, it has very little value. Most always, they are looking for something from you in return. You may need to listen to a sales pitch that may or may not benefit you, or give up some of your information. ... Read More »

How do you know when it is time to replace your current ERP system?

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to determine if you may need a new ERP solution to runnier business? Is your business struggling to complete simple tasks? Will your current software struggle to keep pace with your company’s needs as you grow? Is your current system lacking functionality, hard to use, slow or insufficiently flexible to address how you do ... Read More »

Don’t Rely on How-To’s Alone

For a while I was quite famous (in small circles) for my skills in the kitchen. I traveled to Southeast Asia for an extended period after I graduated from university. While I was there, I fell in love with many things Asian and Indian, especially the food (I still think Indian food is the best on the planet). Upon returning ... Read More »