New social selling course exclusively for VARs and MSPs

Every VAR and MSP wants to sell more. The question is how to sell more! A new training session is now available on sales, designed to help VARs and MSPs become amazing at selling, by transitioning their sales team to the new model of social selling. It is a two-day course. See VARMasterMind for upcoming schedule of courses in your area. ... Read More »

Virtual Networking get a 2016 Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies Award

As one of “The North of England’s most recommended IT Support Companies”, Virtual Networking decided to measure up their business practices with the Britain’s 50 Best Managed It Companies Test. They completed the 200 questions in about 12 areas of best practices. “This test showed us exactly where we were lacking some skills and reinforced our effort to improve. We ... Read More »

Rob Moore of Veeam in the NEWS

Veeam is a software backup company specializing in virtualization but is now offering physical solutions. “Veeam is 100% channel friendly. Veeam has expanded the product to include the SMB market to the enterprise field. Veeam can do full backup recovery within 15 minutes.” Veeam has the “3-2-1” strategy: 3 copies of your data, 2 formats and 1 offsite to be ... Read More »

Who are Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies?

It was an absolute pleasure to recognize and congratulate some of Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies at our first awards ceremony in London on September 27, 2016. A great black-tie evening of fantastic food, champagne and socializing! As many companies found out, it was not so easy to win this award. You had to go through the process of completing ... Read More »

Sammy Liu of Taknology in the NEWS

Taknology is an Ontario-based distributor specializing in digital imaging products and printers. They have been working with Canon for close to 30 years and lately they have put together a VAR initiative with a new line of Canon printers exclusively available to the VAR channel (not the big box stores). Canon is focusing a lot on both color and monochrome ... Read More »

Martin Lefebvre of Datto in the NEWS

Datto recently launched the Siris 3 line of products which has improved software and hardware with a 5 year warranty. Some of their new services include the infinite cloud retention which allows customers to have the cloud storage dating back to the very first image base backup that they do. Datto solution by default will take an image base backup ... Read More »

Keith Young of Logicnow by Solarwinds in the NEWS

As the recent acquisition of LogicNOW by Solarwinds is being digested, it’s business as usual for the LogicNOW team! “The ransomware and malware scare is fueling the backup disaster recovery market. To have a great backup solution is even more important right now. Logicnow is primarily a file and folder based backup solution but we have the ability to synthesize images. So they ... Read More »

How do you prefer to be called in the IT Channel?

In the same breath, we usually refer to the channel as VAR/MSP and ITSP. It’s a mouthful and earful. Depending on who you are speaking with, the acronym changes. I did a sample survey of my contacts to ask them what do they prefer to be called – “a VAR or MSP”? Surprisingly, most said they they did not care ... Read More »

Do smaller markets merit more investment by Vendors?

Most vendors tend to ignore smaller markets in lieu of larger ones. Logically, this makes sense, but smaller markets with a vibrant economy can be much easier to penetrate simply because the competition is less. With fewer vendors rallying for partners, you get more attention. Smaller-town partners are also more prone to embracing vendors who invest time to come meet ... Read More »

How much could you really get if you sold your business today?

Many traditional VARs have found out that their company is not worth as much as they thought. Sales of products and services without some sort of predictable recurring revenue contract have lost some of its appeal. Today, companies with managed services contracts seem to be getting higher evaluations for their businesses. How does the business evolution compare between traditional VARs and MSPs? Should ... Read More »