Don’t Rely on How-To’s Alone

For a while I was quite famous (in small circles) for my skills in the kitchen. I traveled to Southeast Asia for an extended period after I graduated from university. While I was there, I fell in love with many things Asian and Indian, especially the food (I still think Indian food is the best on the planet). Upon returning ... Read More »

Allan Carvalho from SherWeb in The NEWS

SherWeb is a cloud hosting provider helping channel partners from the burden of managing infrastructure and software. VARs and MSPs have now the tools to successfully resell and refer cloud services. They have access to training, webinars, sales tools and 24/7 tech support. Click on the picture below to watch the full interview and check out the other videos from ... Read More »

80 meters from the summit of Everest

You have dreamed of this moment your whole life. The summit of Everest is a mere 80 meters away. Your body is in pain, but the reward for all your hard work is soon to pay off. “I thought you had the rope!” With those 5 words, the dream ends, the hard work will not pay off. You do not ... Read More »

How to match the right candidates with the job

It is a problem that most companies face when hiring people. Resumes tell part of the story. Social media tells another. Recommendations tell yet another. In the end, you do your best to match the right candidates with the available jobs and hope for the best. Of course, you also have to deal with the fact that even if the ... Read More »

Chris Groot from LogicNow in The NEWS

LogicNow offers a disaster recovery solution that is efficient, reliable and quick. You can backup and recover at a file, application or machine level. With the simplified per-device pricing, VARs and MSPs can easily go out and deliver this solution as a service with predictable costs for themselves and their customers. Click on the picture below to watch the full ... Read More »

What David Bowie taught me about Business

We all love Seth Godin’s “The Purple Cow”. I can’t think of a better example of a Purple Cow in music than David Bowie. Here was an artist that truly stood out from the crowd and re-invented himself throughout his career. Bowie did so by being brazenly different. With such persona as the far out Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Thin ... Read More »

Create Content Based on Customer Need

If planned for and organized appropriately, content creation can be executed efficiently and successfully. A successful content strategy will focus on the needs, pain points, and triggers of your customers. There are many ways to identify what those needs are including: customer surveys, research, and creation of customer personas based on buying habits. Implementing a well thought out and concise ... Read More »