Samantha Ciaccia from Datto in The NEWS

Datto offers a unique total data protection platform. It can backup traditional on premise or virtual environments as well as cloud to cloud backup. Datto focuses on natural disasters but also emphasizes human induced disasters that MSPs and VARs cannot avoid. This solution can get you back up and running and eliminate the downtime caused by inevitable disasters. To learn ... Read More »

Why Do We Buy?

If you understand the triggers that make people buy then you can sell more. And you can find more eager customers. Our emotions trigger us to buy. Don’t make the mistake thinking that people buy what they need. People buy what they want. Needs are driven by logic while wants are driven by emotions. We buy what we want. Don’t ... Read More »

Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

It is extremely important that you tap into your existing customer base to find individuals or organizations who are willing to advocate on your behalf. You could ask customers for: written or video testimonials, permission to use them as references, or employ them as a brand advocate to share information with their networks. As user generated content becomes increasingly popular ... Read More »

Align Your Sales Strategy With Your Corporate Strategy

When your sales strategy is not aligned with your corporate strategy, your organization can become its own worst enemy. While the sales force may be heading in one direction (e.g., applying their own processes, emphasizing certain product lines, addressing their own objectives) the corporate direction and priorities could be completely different. Of course it’s the customer who suffers the most ... Read More »

Noah Jacobs from ViewSonic in The NEWS

ViewSonic just launched a new line of high resolution and 2K/4K monitors, which are available in different sizes. The displays are now IPS to enable richer color textured monitors. To complement the monitor lineup, ViewSonic as well launched privacy filters. This feature limits your viewing angles down to 70 degrees, which allows for a great privacy setup in the office. Read More »

Saying “No” Can Save You Money

Don’t back down when customers want a discount When was the last time you told a customer “No” when they asked you to discount? And how often are you prepared to walk away from a prospect when they ask for more than you are normally prepared to do? If you’re like many sales people, your answers might be, “Not often ... Read More »

The Missing Piece That Can Hold You Back

Everyone does EVERYTHING for a reason. Although we may like to think we’re altruistic beings, in actuality we get a “something” from everything we do, a “payoff” if you like. This payoff outweighs what we really want; otherwise we’d simply get into action. The payoff may not be conscious, but it’s always there. This really makes sense when you think ... Read More »

Troy Cheeseman from Data Deposit Box in The NEWS

This company has been around for 14 years and proposes different solutions that are non image based but with BMR type functionality. Data Deposit Box offers to their clients a software as a service model where they can subscribe to a bucket to get access to all the software available. After clients can simply use the software to do free ... Read More »