Auvik is the Most Efficient Way for MSPs to Manage Network Infrastructure

Canadian-based Auvik, takes its name from the Inuit language meaning building blocks of an igloo.  This is exactly what Auvik does with the fundamentals of networking.  Auvik helps save time and money through a proactive automated monitoring that handles networking tasks such as mapping and configuration backups.  It also integrates with major PSA and RMM such as ConnectWise and Autotask.  ... Read More »

ImagIT: The All-Inclusive Global Networking Engineering Firm for MSPs

Through their qualified IT engineers, ImagIT offers tech support to channel partners, acting as a ‘Master MSP’, like an MSP to MSPs. Theyn help fil the gap to follow the ever changing needs of the IT landscape.  Outsourcing support to companies like ImagIT helps save onboarding costs and process.  ImagIT perfectly aligns with partners’ compensation model and business processes.  In ... Read More »

What’s Mark Banfield’s Perspective of the Merger between Autotask and Datto?

In my recent interview with Mark Banfield, Autotask’s Senior VP and GM of International, we talked about several things including the merger between Autotask and Datto (from an Autotask’s perspective) and what’s the current state of the MSP channel in the UK. Mark offered some great insights to help MSPs to grow their business. Listen to the full interview! Come ... Read More »

Infrascale Offers Complete Physical and Virtual Protection

Infrascale’s unique aspect is its pure subscription model based on the protected data on the customer sites. Infrascale can replicate to the 4 major cloud vendors (IBM, Amazon, Google and Azure). They also announced recently strategic partnerships with Nutanix and Connectwise. Featuring a drag and drop orchestration, Infrascale offers a full suite of on-premise DRaaS, direct to cloud backup as ... Read More »

Interview with Pete Rawlinson (CMO) on the Datto – Autotask Merger

Pete Rawlinson, Datto’s CMO, talks about the recent merger between Datto and Autotask and how it came about. How will it impact the channel? “This was an obvious choice as both companies are complimentary and share the same ethics and culture. Combined, they are poised to become the #1 MSP-centric vendor. Initial reactions from the partner community has been really positive.” ... Read More »

How Bad Hires Can Sabotage Success

If you run a business then you know all too well that hiring a new employee is a challenging process. And making the wrong decision on a new hire is extremely costly, especially for those running a small business. In recent years, there have been a number of studies which address just how expensive making a poor hiring decision can ... Read More »

Barracuda Takes A Big Bite Out Of Ransomware And Data Security Breaches

It’s a plague that’s wreaking havoc in the business community with a whopping ransomware damage price tag of $5 Billion dollars in 2017 (according to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures). It’s growing and it’s not just attacking governments or big businesses. If you are connected to the Internet, it’s likely that you are vulnerable. Even large companies that spend big ... Read More »

Elgato Offers Great Home Automation Products

For more than 20 years, Elgato has been a premium brand in the iPhone and Mac space.  Elgato combines seamless software with elegant hardware to make it easy for people to do simple things at home.  Their line of products include motion sensors, light switches, room quality sensors, dashboard reporting of electricity consumption.  Many of their devices are Siri-voice activated.  ... Read More »

ChannelNEXT West 2017 Round Up

This event was the last of the year and last of its type before we move to the new format in 2018. At the event, we unrolled the new plans and provided a taste of what’s to come next year. It’s about time we stop selling and start helping channel partners. The new events will feature 100% business education on ... Read More »