A Swiss Managed Service Provider To Showcase Their Office-To-Go Services At CeBIT

When we go to any IT conference, we look for two things…Vendors with innovative solutions and Channel Partners who are pushing the limits of solutions. UC Point, a Microsoft solutions partner is joining the digital revolution at the CeBIT this year with comprehensive offerings of solutions and best practices related to remote work in the cloud. Best Practices is another ... Read More »

Award yourself with an OSCAR. Don’t overlook the fine prints.

By now you’ve all probably seen the infamous mix-up on the Oscar stage. You might think that such a thing would never happen to you, but you’re wrong. Things like that happen to entrepreneurs all the time—and often for things that are not so easily corrected as switching an envelope. A quick check—an audit—would’ve caught the mix-up before it even ... Read More »

How should MSPs React To The Death Of Microsoft’s Advisor Program?

Microsoft recently announced important changes to the Online Services Advisor (OSA) program. Effective October 1, 2016, Microsoft terminated the recurring portion of the Partner Of Records (POR) incentive for Office 365, Azure and CRM Online. MSPs are still scrambling to figure out what to do and how to transition into the new way of doing business with Microsoft. This is your ... Read More »

What do your customers really think of you?

Do you know what your customers really think of you or doing business with your company? Sure some customers are probably ecstatic about you, but what about the bulk of your clients? Are there a few common problems that they are experiencing? What if you knew these problems? Could knowing this information help you to improve your customer relationships and ... Read More »

“Recurring Revenue”​

“Recurring Revenue” are probably the sweetest two words in the channel today. Every day, smart MSPs and VARs are looking to build more Recurring Revenue (RR). It’s also fundamental for building business value. This year, we will be focusing heavy on finding more RR solutions to bring to our IT Channel community of VARs and MSPs. Throughout the coming months, ... Read More »

Dawn of the Cloud Channel

While we are all numb to the “C” word in the IT Channel, we are seeing Cloud become the main driver of channel growth. More and more MSPs and VARs are building their business around everything-cloud or everything as-a-service. More Cloud vendors are also realizing that they need the channel especially as they mature and hit a growth ceiling. Unless ... Read More »

Why Channel Should Sell VoIP – View on-demand Webinar

If you missed the recent webinar featuring Scott Seltzer, a 25 + year veteran in the telephony industry who truly understands how MSPs and VARs can build sustainable and predictable recurring revenue from selling VoIP, then this is your chance to access the session! Simply register to instantly view the recorded webinar. It’s free and we will follow up to ... Read More »

On Feb 22, find out why the channel should be selling VoIP in a live webinar featuring Scott Seltzer, a 25 year telephony industry veteran

We are actually in the middle of a North American survey to find our what percentage of the channel currently sells VoIP and how much it represents of their overall business. We also want to find out if they see VoIP sales increasing or decreasing in the coming year. Overall, we wanted to find out what’s really happening with VoIP ... Read More »

Are you Cultivating a Culture of Lies?

There is a tremendous amount of talk around the topic of fake news. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook recently called for a massive campaign against it. Fake news goes beyond politics or partisanship; it could be damaging and dangerous to your company’ culture. But how about the impact this behavior has on leadership and culture? HR can do something about ... Read More »