KCM Solutions is one of the most reliable providers of Business & Predictive Analytics solutions

Based in Toronto and Los Angeles, KCM Solutions specializes in business analytics, performance management, big data and cloud computing.  They work with VARs and MSPs to help them in demand generation for solutions, pre-sales technical support and implementation of projects & service engagements.  Over the last decade, KCM Solutions has partnered with IBM to bring the wealth of this technology ... Read More »

Veriato Manages Human Behaviour to Reduce Security Risks

Exfiltration of data and breach of information often occur from inside employees whether deliberately or accidently.  Veriato tracks cyber activities from employees and collects anomalies that occur over time.  Veriato uses User Activity Monitoring (UAM) to identify behavioral change to allow companies to investigate further.  It also tracks documents to an external location such as cloud, printer or any other ... Read More »

Let The 2018 Channel Games Begin…

It’s “kick off” for the first half of the 2018 Channel Games. If you think of it as a football game, then it may give you a simple framework to plan. Since the goal with most games is to score points, your plan should focus on scoring points to win. In the case of the channel, those “points” come in ... Read More »

Communication: A Leader’s Role in Change Management

Some leaders shy away from communicating in the middle of a change initiative, particularly when the project is not proceeding as expected. Unfortunately, a vacuum yearns to be filled and it is human nature for people to assume the worst when they aren’t receiving any news. The goal of a communication plan (in change management) is to create awareness, desire, knowledge, ... Read More »

Come celebrate with the best of the best in the Canadian IT Industry!

February 1st will mark the eleventh anniversary of the Reseller Choice Awards and the second anniversary of Canada’s Best Managed IT Companies Awards. It just keeps on growing every year! Last call…the deadline for voting for your favourite vendor and distributor ends on January 20th. It only takes a few minutes, so if you have not already done so, please ... Read More »

10 Tips For MSPs and VARs To Rock 2018!

I recently did 10 tips for vendors so I thought I should also do 10 tips for channel partners. Here goes… Know what you do not know about your business practices. You can hire a good business consultant and/or take a free best practice assessment online. This will give you a very good indication of your strengths and weaknesses. If ... Read More »

SAS is a Global Leader in Predictive Analytics

SAS is an innovative company delivering analytics solutions in several markets, from pharmaceutical, banks, academic entities to government.  They offer highly innovative solutions in customer intelligence, data management, fraud management and ioT.  They employ 300 employees in Canada with over 3.2 billion US in global sales.  SAS helps organizations make better decisions powering business processes and insights.  With a dedicated ... Read More »

Vectra Makes a Security Analyst Job a Lot Easier

Vectra is an AI company automating security operations.  It is built to overcome today’s complex security challenges by blending human expertise with machine-learning techniques and data science.  It helps condense days and weeks of investigation work down into minutes.  Breaches are inevitable and can get overwhelming and expensive.  Forensics analyst only find out problems after the fact, thus causing a ... Read More »


Businesses that take the time to know their customers see higher sales and greater long term success than those who don’t, claims Marc Gordon. “It’s astounding the amount of information customers are willing to share with businesses they buy from,” says Marc. “All a business owner has to do is ask and listen. The feedback is essentially a roadmap for ... Read More »

The Firehose Of Daily Emails: Reduce It To A Garden Hose!

The firehose of daily morning emails was giving me e-anxiety.  Most of it was worthless information, but I had to delete my way to what was important.  “ENOUGH!”, I said.  So began my experiment of using my favorite new word:  Unsubscribe. Emails are a mixed blessing.  I love communicating via email because I can craft my response.  I can read ... Read More »