Andrew Bagrin of My Digital Shield in the NEWS

Cybersecurity has a lot of components and complexity. One of the biggest is the perimeter, known as the firewall.  Typically, the firewall is a physical static box.  It was all great until you needed to move your firewall everywhere. My Digital Shield has virtualized the firewall perimeter that follows you wherever you go.  So, your location does not matter nor ... Read More »

Chris Waung from AVG in the NEWS

You probably know AVG as the Dutch IT Security company that bought RMM vendor Level Platforms a few years ago. What’s the company doing today to reach out to the channel? In the interview, Chris Waung talks about the company’s full solution suite for the MSP market. Their focus is security in the SMB market (managed workplace platform for RMM ... Read More »

Cassandra Anderson of Crexendo in the NEWS

Crexendo manufactures its own software and phones. They provide lifetime warranty on their products. The company says that it is a channel-friendly VOIP provider. The seem to have a good control of all of the moving parts to better isolate the channel partner from problems. Cassandra said, “There is a huge revenue share that goes to the partners – about ... Read More »

Raul Besker of RG System in the NEWS

RG System was founded in Europe in 2008 and has over 700 employees with over 1,000 clients. The company offers a proactive way for MSPs to take care of their clients. Raul Besker said “RG System is the only solution that has the monitoring, the endpoint protection powered by Bitdefender, as well as the best backup solution from EMC. Simplified, ... Read More »

Joe Nagy of Zetta In The NEWS

Zetta is a cloud-based business continuity solution consisting of 2 different components. First, being disaster recovery solution that allows you to image an entire server, pull up on the cloud and be back in less than 5 minutes. Second, is data protection for you to back up the data that is on a specific server. Joe Nagy said, “The difference ... Read More »

Channel Wars – The battle for customer ownership!

Is this the final frontier of the channel where all forces battle for ownership of the customer? Is there such a thing as shared customer ownership or is that just the opening act for a brutal tug-of-war? As multiple channels collide in battles across many front-lines, who will ultimately win the war? I was at yet another channel conference (CompTIA’s ... Read More »

Helmut Reketat of G Data in the NEWS

Never heard of GData? Well you may be hearing a lot more about them as they expand into the North American market. They claim to have invented the first commercial antivirus in 1985 from a guy doing music in a garage on an Atari, who simply wanted to protect his music. Later they sold the first routing software in Germany. ... Read More »

Bob Smith of Welbeck Secure in the NEWS

This is probably one of most interesting solutions I found at a recent channel conference. This solution creates secure tunnels over the Internet instead of using a typical VPN or a large capacity dedicated fiber circuit. Using Welbeck is like using the world’s longest Ethernet cable. It “fools” the devices and applications into thinking they are on the LAN. It ... Read More »

Marc Morin of Auvik Networks in the NEWS

Auvik Networks built a platform to manage on premise networks to make it easy for MSPs to deploy their clients’ networks (like an RMM for networks). Auvik is for mid-sized enterprises. Most of the smarts are in the software as opposed to the users of our software. You do not need detailed diagnostics skills. Implementation takes about 5-10 minutes. Everything ... Read More »

Brady Nash of ConnectBooster in the NEWS

While the channel is undergoing some challenging times as it transitions to the next generation, they need solid tools and support to help them cross the chasm. They need to solve their problems one at a time, but they also need to do it right. Competition is coming from everywhere, but everyone will face their set of challenges. At the ... Read More »