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If You are Ready, Just Say: Beam Me Up, ChannelNEXT!

Whether you are rich or poor, the one thing everyone has in equal amounts is: TIME If you want to get from Toronto to Vancouver, you have a few choices. The cheapest method is to walk which will take you 808 hours. You can drive the 4,400 KM which will be 41 hours non-stop. Most would opt to fly the ... Read More »

The future of artificial intelligence

  Costas Bekas, Manager, Foundations of Cognitive Computing IBM Research, Zurich explains that his team is going from data to knowledge. Data is multiplying exponentially in many formats – reports, tables, images and video. How do you digest all this information, organize and present it to people to make the best decisions? Medical knowledge will soon be doubling every 73 days. ... Read More »

Alternate Fact: ERP is Dead!! Cloud ERP is the solution!

Recently there was a question posed by MR. Kevin Thomas at CoFoundersLab, Cloud Application is relatively very slow – what could be the factors to consider? Jan 23, 2017 Kevin went on to explain, “The Application hosted in Microsoft Azure performs very slow in comparison to normal websites. Being non technical relies on the technical co-founder to fix the issue. ... Read More »

It’s your turn to VOTE for your favorite vendors and distributors (serving the Canadian Channel) to tell them what you really think!

Your vote really does count. The vendors and distributors with the most votes win. Period! Every vote truly matters as sometimes the difference between rankings is just a few votes! Over 500 Vendors and distributors are already nominated in over 90 categories! Vote in as many categories as you wish! If you do not see your favorite company on the ... Read More »

Do you really know what your customers think of you?

Are they really happy with you? Have you asked yourself this question? Have you asked your employees this question? Have you asked your customers this question? How often? Do you really know the answer? It’s common sense that understanding your customers will help you sell more and offer better services. With surveys you will get some insights as to how ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella talks Digital Transformation at WPC in Toronto

Microsoft’s WPC conference kicked off in Toronto with Satya Nadella’s opening message “Businesses desire to use digital technology to predict outcomes, empower their employees and transform their products”. Companies are currently building digital technologies of their own to transform in the digital era. IT represents 5 % of GDP and growing at 8%. Wherever there is operating expenses there are big ... Read More »

Leading MSP business coach, Adam Harris talks about assessing your business to become bigger, better and stronger

Adam Harris is one of the founders of Transmentum, a business coaching company that helps MSPs to grow and succeed.  Interesting fact about the origin of Transmentum’s name…  Comes from Transition and Momentum combined into two. A lot of traditional VARs have gone to the MSP successfully and some have stagnated because they did it late or needed different tools.  ... Read More »