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Is Human Resources One of Your Blind Spots?

Many business owners don’t take time to think through HR policies or even hire an HR manager. There‘s false assumption that they can do HR’s job. They think they are not “big enough” to need HR. I hear that a lot from many owners. The truth is, every Company needs HR. However, not all companies need HR on a full-time ... Read More »

Last Day At CeBIT 2017…Here are a few more gems we found

Coolest Product At Cebit? An image only tells half a story…Everyone use a smartphone to take video. However, it is impossible to use the phone mic to pick-up remote audio, which makes video missing something big. What good is video if it has terrible audio? Now, you can clip on Yigo Go-play mic (an easy-to-use wireless collar recorder) to capture ... Read More »

The future of artificial intelligence

  Costas Bekas, Manager, Foundations of Cognitive Computing IBM Research, Zurich explains that his team is going from data to knowledge. Data is multiplying exponentially in many formats – reports, tables, images and video. How do you digest all this information, organize and present it to people to make the best decisions? Medical knowledge will soon be doubling every 73 days. ... Read More »

Top 3 Keynotes at CeBIT 2017

1. Japan’s Prime Minister, H.E. Shinzo Abe This year’s country partner for CeBIT is Japan. H.E. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan opened with a statement. “There are three things that Germany and Japan need to do for a successful future 1. Innovation, 2. Innovation and 3. Innovation.” He went on to outline how Japan is embracing robotics and artificial intelligence. ... Read More »

Three cool solutions at CeBIT 2017

Using Sound To Quality Check Manufacturing Machinery “Do you hear this humming sound? That sounds strange, doesn’t it?” – People working in an industrial plant and operating moving or rotating machinery might be familiar with that situation. The human ear is very sensitive, which is why certain (unusual) sounds and noise prompts us to draw certain conclusions and make certain ... Read More »

61% of organizations exposed to ransomware by employee ignorance

Research from endpoint security software firm, Avecto,a global security software company, has found that 61% of office workers are ignorant of ransomware, leaving businesses exposed to the growing threat it poses.  The survey of over 1,000 office workers was commissioned by Avecto to gauge the level of awareness and security education in the workplace. 39% of respondents said they have ... Read More »

What Does Recurring Revenue and Best Business Practices Have In Common?

Come see at ChannelNEXT EAST on April 24-25 in beautiful Esterel, Quebec. We will showcase everything you need to know for building more sustainable recurring revenue and best business practices. This is the theme of all ChannelNEXT events in 2017! Simply put, when you leverage best business practices to build recurring revenue, you work more efficiently and make more profits. ... Read More »

A Swiss Managed Service Provider To Showcase Their Office-To-Go Services At CeBIT

When we go to any IT conference, we look for two things…Vendors with innovative solutions and Channel Partners who are pushing the limits of solutions. UC Point, a Microsoft solutions partner is joining the digital revolution at the CeBIT this year with comprehensive offerings of solutions and best practices related to remote work in the cloud. Best Practices is another ... Read More »

Award yourself with an OSCAR. Don’t overlook the fine prints.

By now you’ve all probably seen the infamous mix-up on the Oscar stage. You might think that such a thing would never happen to you, but you’re wrong. Things like that happen to entrepreneurs all the time—and often for things that are not so easily corrected as switching an envelope. A quick check—an audit—would’ve caught the mix-up before it even ... Read More »